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Monday, September 7, 2009

Why are the Churches silent?

Are you familiar with the biblical story of the money changers in the temple? Like most Christians you probably answered yes.

You like many Christians are intimately familiar with the stories in the bible, but on the other hand are ignorant of how these concepts are relevant and apply to the modern day world.

It is my strong opinion that the clergy has done a pitiful job in educating their congregations on how concepts in the bible apply to the modern world, particularly in the political and economic realms. Perhaps this is because the clergy themselves are woefully uneducated in these disciplines.

Well it is time to educate both the clergy and the congregations...

To understand the bible, one must understand how biblical concepts integrate into the modern day world as these concepts are meaningless in isolation.

Let us start with the money changers. If local business men were to operated like the money changers it would go very much like this:

Larry is in the business of selling hay. When Larry sells hay he always offers to store the hay in his barn until the customer needs the hay. Larry is not dumb there is a method to his madness.

Lets say that Larry bails 200 bails for Gordon. Gordon pays for all 200 bails but only takes delivery of 100. Larry is then left with 100 bails in his barn belonging to Gordon.

Another farmer Jake, needs 900 bales to trade as payment for some land. Jake is in effect going to borrow 900 bales of hay off of Larry in order to buy some land.

Jake trusts Larry so instead of taking delivery of the hay from Larry he takes a paper receipt for 900 bales of hay in Larry's barn, (which by the way we know do not exist). Jake then trades this receipt to the seller in payment for the land. Larry by the way holds the title of the land until over a 20 year period Jake pays Larry back in hard cold cash for the hay (that never existed) before he gets title to his land.

The situation now is that Gordon has receipts for 100 bales of hay. The land seller has receipts for 900 bales of hay. There are receipts for 1,000 bales of hay, yet there are only 100 bales in Larry barn! Larry and his fellow hay sellers have been able to pull this scam off most of the time by the simple fact that everyone does not want their hay at the same time and that if they ever come up short they will loan each other hay from their barns to cover up the shortfall and their fraudulent business practices.

Every couple of decades when their business's fail as they inevitably do, they walk away with the profits. Their customers losing all of their hay that they thought was in the barn. Or baring that, they have the tax payers pay the customers for the hay that Larry and his friends defrauded their customers out of. Larry and his friends are NEVER prosecuted for fraud because they bought off the politicians to pass laws making this type of conduct LEGAL in the hay making business. They also had laws written in their behalf making it so hard to get into the hay making business that only a few of Larry's closest friends are able to get into the hay making business. You or I obviously could never be allowed to profit by this scam, and as moral men and women I would hope that you would not want to do so.

Nineteen years go by and the economy gets bad (which by the way was orchestrated by Larry and will be explained at another time.) and Jake loses his job and is unable to make the repayments to Larry for the hay that never existed. Larry then takes possession of Jakes land, which represents 19 years of Jakes labors.

Would you not think that in light of this that there are dozens of moral and ethical implications that need to be addressed? This my friend is exactly how modern day money-changing/banking works! (It is a fact that is not debatable and can be verified by referring to any text on economics.)

Money changers are the one thing that got the ire of Jesus. Don't you think that modern day money changers deserves your ire also? If you would like to learn more I suggest that you watch the video “The money masters.”

You might also ask your preacher why he has not discussed this. If he can not answer this then perhaps you should find another church.