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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The unholy trinity: Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys

The unholy trinity: Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys




Welcome to America...
the capital of Orwellian doublethink.

To the above 3 party slogans from Orwell's 1984, I would like to add a fourth:


and of course the opposite "monopoly is free enterprise."

Like most Americans that have been through the government indoctrination centers that we call public education you probably have some very inaccurate and untrue views as to what constitutes a monopoly. For one thing in a free market there is no such thing as a monopoly. You will always have choices in a free market. The only true monopolies that exist are those that are created by government when it interferes with the free market. Most will agree that the original US postal service, or your local water authority are government created monopolies. The truth of the matter is that we are surrounded by dozens of government created monopolies that Americans almost without exception will inaccurately refer to as "free enterprise." The opposite is also true. There are many examples of free enterprise that most people will identify as monopolies.

I will not go into detail but let me submit for you to ponder that the so called anti-trust laws were originally created as a vehicle to attack political opponents. Also to be able to create real monopolies and to then distract public opinion away from the real monopolies by attacking companies that are not. In other words the anti-trust laws are a protection racket that ensure the continuance of the real monopolies run by the oligarchs that pull most of the strings in our society while acting as a sledge hammer against companies that displease our owners.

As I said earlier there are literally dozens of business's that Americans refer to as free enterprise that are actually monopolies. The reason that they are monopolies is that government has by law outlawed your 700 year old right to contract. That means that you have the right to approach anyone that YOU determine capable of delivering the services that you require and to contract the terms of obtaining those services. The three business's that most egregiously violate this God given inalienable right to contract are what I refer to as the Unholy Trinity. They are in no particular order Medical Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys.

People are probably not aware that it was the Oligarchical Rockefeller family that is heavily invested in the oil and pharmaceutical industries that almost single handedly narrowed the broad focus of American medical schools to their present focus on being drug and pill pushers almost to the exclusion of everything else. What is called the AMA is the dictatorial organization that now enforces this monopoly on the American people. For over 70 years these AMA monopolists have insisted on using fear tactics and implied color of law to inject our children with vaccines containing Thimiseral (mercury), aluminum, and live cancer viruses. AMA doctors are pitifully educated in the field of nutrition and instead of helping their patients avoid or cure denigrative diseases they sell them expensive drugs that merely mask the symptoms. There is no competing paradigm as anyone competing with the Rockefeller/AMA drug pushers is charged with a crime and locked away in prison. Raping the American public of a most important natural right all in the name of "protecting us."

They are not happy with their current monopoly and seek to expand it with a worlwide UN treaty known as codex alimentarius. When it passes in the US it will be illegal to purchase anything that competes with the medical drug cartel. For example in parts of Europe it is a crime to purchase vitamin C without a doctors prescription and even then a prescription only provides very low potency vitamin C that many claim to be useless therapeutically.

BREAKING! AMA lackeys - the FTC has tyrannically and without due process taken away your God given right to be educated on natural alternatives in your health treatment.

Dentists are no better. These elite monopolist have priced their services out of reach of the vast majority of the working people that I know. Not being able to get any dental care because of it's artificially high price is a funny way of protecting us. Denying you the God given right to contract with others for service in order to protect you from yourself, is insane reasoning. Why doesn't everyone see this? Could it be because of the fluoride in the water or the mercury containing amalgam fillings that these criminals endorse and participate in, have anything to do with the general public being as dumb and unmotivated as rocks?

God has prepared a special place in hell for attorneys is my fondest hope. These cockroaches have infested legislatures at all levels to write laws that are incomprehensible to the common man, make criminal every manner of God given inalienable rights, and are so numerous that a small army of researchers could not hope to keep up with them. They participate in a system where it is not a permitted defense to use the Constitution as a defense in criminal court. Where they call proceedings such as domestic matters civil in order to deny you a trial by jury or even for that matter any proper due process at all. They routinely suborn perjury from women seeking divorces by instructing them to get unwarranted orders of protection from their husbands. And when they can't keep you from having a jury trial they say nothing when judges lie to jurors and tell them that they are to judge the facts but not the law itself. Seven hundred years of case law and several supreme court decisions speak very clearly on this matter to the contrary. i.e That juries are to judge both the facts and the law.

To add insult to injury they like the dentist make it a crime to contract services elsewhere when you can't afford their very inferior services. Also ask yourself how can there be a crime when there is no victim? Is it not a fundamental premise of law that you need a victim for a crime to occur?

If the FTC were in any way legitimate and looking out for the interest of the American people they would immediacy start anti-trust proceedings against the AMA, ADA, and the BAR associations for the real monopolies that they run.

Do not be fooled into thinking that because there is more that one doctor or attorney that there is not a monopoly. What defines a monopoly is government interference in your God given right to freedom of contract and choice.