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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Internet Nazi’s come to Seyour

This is going to be an on going story about how big business may be sniffing your Internet packets without a search warrant in violation of the 4th amendment. Their justification is that they claim to be protecting copyrights.  The  reason I am unsure about the packet sniffing is that you are not told who your accuser is nor do you have access to their supposed evidence. To get this info you have to open a can of worms that allows them with all  of their resources to more easily take legal action against you, who most likely can not even afford an attorney.  This whole thing reeks of a Star Chamber.
These people with money have had  regulations written by the FCC that was never meant to write laws, that strong arms your ISP (Mediacom in this case) into shutting down your account for supposed copyright violations with no due process, again in violation of the Constitution. There are also  laws written by congress (the real congress not the super congress)  dealing with copyright infringement.  But I think most of us know that the congress is owned bought and paid for by powerful special interests.
To top it all off, the bottom line is that they want you to do this as there is an easy solution but they run from the solution, because the intent is to stifle free speech on the Internet. They want to strike terror in your heart every time that you download anything.
Every aspect of this story does not pass the smell test. It’s complete lawlessness. Does that surprise you in a nation ruled by an illegal alien from Kenya?
Stay tuned.
One thing that I have learned is that there really is no proof as to wrongdoing and that it is machine generated.  Someone (I do not even have the right to know who my accuser is) all they go on I understand is the file name.  For instance I could have a home movie called “Star Wars” and based solely on the file name I could get flagged for copyright violation when in actuality the movie is one that I made and own. The only way to verify if this is their material is to look in the packets (without a warrant) and do what is known as a CRC check and I am fairly certain that they are not doing this. So in effect they have NO proof of a copyright infringement but they get your Internet shut down and can even get criminal convictions with no proof!  It’s amazing what money can buy these criminal thugs! They don’t even need proof and they don’t have to give you any due process as guaranteed under the Constitution.  It’s a case of guilty until found guilty because they have lots of money.
This is a criminal gang, that has bought off our congress and has laws written for their special interests. In fact there is not even a law.  It is my understanding that it is an alphabet soup agency such as the FCC that wrote the implementation of  this “law” not congress as specified in the Constitution.  Yes the more you dig the more it stinks.
What really aggravates me is the fact that by default everything is copy written. So saying that someone downloaded copy written material is really a misnomer.  What should be said is that they DL’ed material the the copyright owner wanted to be compensated for and was not. And how are you to determine this when you click on a file and DL it?  How are you to read the copyright owners mind?  This file and this file are both copy written. The first file I happen to know the owner allows anyone to copy and distribute his work. The second I believe that is the case but am not sure. He has not made YouTube take it down at least. How about this movie at HuLu? There is a FBI copyright notice. So by watching it are you DL’ing and breaking copyright law? DL this one however and you will get a notice from your ISP that you have DL’ed copywritten material and they may terminate your service. And you may even be criminally prosecuted.  How is one to know?  You don’t and they want to keep it that way!  It looks to me that this is being used to chill free speech on the Internet.
A solution to the problem would take maybe 8 hours of any competent programmers time. All that needs done is to write a Firefox plugin that when you start to DL a file that it would check against various databases to see if someone claims to have a copy right and also wants compensation, on that particular file. That would be too easy and put the companies that are paid by copyright holders out  of business over night.   It’s similar to expecting  the cure for cancer from the American cancer society. It will never happen as that would put them out of business also. ( I realize the pitfalls and false positives of this method  but it happens the be the way the   copyright violations are machine generated and your Internet is shut down. I don’t think the founders thought that machine generated accusations met the standard of due process. )
The last slap in the face is that you can not find out who your accuser is or see their so called “proof” without filling paperwork that allows the ISP to identify you and thus open you to prosecution (and they will convict you I am told) with very sketchy evidence to say the least.  Usually all they have for “proof” of a torrent download is an IP address and a file name. Not proof of anything at all…. But then again those with lots of money can purchase your being found guilty. Our legal system and legislature are for sale to the highest bidder.
There are several other scenarios where you can receive a false accusation of copyright infringement. One would be when an unauthorized person is using your network and another  would be copyrighted material under the fair use law.   If you would like to read more check out  – and thanks to commenter Jody for this link.
Enjoy the free Internet while you can. It is the plan of your government to change that fact as an educated electorate is dangerous to a criminal government.

CAFR’s and Ending Taxation

Ending Taxation – “The Only Game in Town” The way our government can and should be.
Have you ever heard of a CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)?   Watch the above film and start your education as to what governments are up to in the United States. You should be shocked.
Alex Jones also released a great CAFR movie a few years ago that is a little easier to follow,
perhaps this is the best one to watch first.
Alex Jones Report on The CAFR 

In short this whole topic exposes the fact that governments have enough invested money  that they do not have to collect taxes off of the citizens to pay the bills. They hide this fact by keeping a double set of books. Yes I know it sounds too far fetched to be true but so are many things that governments do. (This may not currently be true as most have lost much of this money due to poor investments in banker scams such as derivatives.)

Christians need to be responsible for their government.

Christians need to be responsible for their actions, yet they are not at all. As a group they are among the most irresponsible group  on the planet. Let me explain: My fellow Christians  are very duped and confused. They still think that we have a Caesar and  that we should do whatever this Caesar fellow tells us to do. Well I will give them that Obama thinks he is Caesar, but that's all I give them. He is not my Caesar nor my God.
Christians are 2,000 years behind the times - as this is a Constitutional  Republic that is founded upon the belief that we are Caesar, that we are the government. (See Locke, Paine, and Jefferson.)  Yet Christians still recite their  Romans 13  (also here) mantra in a catatonic manner, as their eyes roll back in their heads. They watch the world go by as if we have a king,  with divine rights, or a Caesar, as if they have not a thing to do with the sorry state of affairs in this country.

Well I hate to burst their bubble, but  this government  is a direct result  of their actions, or their inaction's. And they are responsible for it's actions.

Christians  have created the government we have through their vote,  and more importantly - through their silence. They  have created this  government -  arguably one of the  most vile, enslaving, and evil institutions to walk the face of the earth, and then like  immature children they refuse to take the responsibility of  controlling the monster they have created by falling back on their mantra that "It is of God".   They let this monster that they create and support - steal, rape, and plunder their fellow man and then acting like their reviled, Pontius Pilate -  wash their hands of it.

The land is filled with moronic pastors, many on the FEMA payroll, that tell them not to get involved in politics, to  love Caesar, and their servitude, and the Christian sheeple almost to the man listen and heed this evil, ill advised advice. George Orwell would be proud.
This is exactly the state of affairs, (Idiot pastors and gullible Christians) that allowed Adolph Hitler to steer the German Republic into evil.  Christians had better take heed and learn some history as they are going down the same path here in the US.

The situation of Christians creating this dangerous creature called government,  and then refusing like immature children to police the monster they have created by doing things as simple as going to city council meetings,  is similar to to parent that would hire a child molesting, pedophile, baby sitter to baby sit their children instead of doing due the diligence that would prevent this disaster. But that is OK, all they have to do is catatonicly chant the Romans 13 mantra and they are absolved of all responsitbilty for their actions.
Yea right.....

Irresponsible Christians are the biggest threat to our liberties in this country today and have but all destroyed everything that once made this country great. Christians  have become  the engine of evil in this country.
Which side are you on? Do you sit silently, drinking the cool aide, condoning the evil? Or are you speaking up?
I offer 2 resources to the reader that would like to investigate the proper role of government the first is a sermon on Romans 13 by Pastor Chuck Baldwin.  The second the classic by Frédéric Bastiat "The Law" Both I think you will find extremely enlightening on this topic.
"Anyone building a personal library of liberty must
include in it a copy of Frédéric Bastiat’s classic
essay, “The Law.” First published in 1850 by the
great French economist and journalist, it is as clear a statement
as has ever been made of the original American ideal
of government, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence,
that the main purpose of any government is the
protection of the lives, liberties, and property of its citizens...."
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  ~ Albert Einstein
And just as applicable:
Thomas Jefferson’s seal said “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” but I think it is even better reversed: “Obedience to tyrants is rebellion to God.”
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
--  John F. Kennedy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The lefts Orwellian view of Capitalism

One of the lefts methodologies is an  Orwellian attempt to redefine words.

Check this out: Wikipedia is trying to redefine a word for which there is a  definition:

"Capitalism is an economic system that became dominant in the Western world following the demise of feudalism.[1] There is no consensus on the precise definition nor on how the term should be used as a historical category...."

If the central thesis of  an argument is to redefine words I just don't know how to respond to such a mentally defective belief system. The left is George Orwell's 1984 is  at work:  redefine words so that people can no longer reason and think.

Fascism, and mercantilism, and socialism, communism, and  criminal describe our economic system much better than capitalism. That is reality. Calling a dog a cat does not make it so.  The left can not get over the fact that what we  have is not capitalism. Not even close.  The word "free market" economic is synonymous with the word capitalism. When is the left going to redefine that word also?


Remember:   “War is Peace” Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.”

"These words are the official slogans of the Party, and are inscribed in massive letters on the white pyramid of the Ministry of Truth, as Winston observes in Book One, Chapter I. Because it is introduced so early in the novel, this creed serves as the reader’s first introduction to the idea of doublethink. By weakening the independence and strength of individuals’ minds and forcing them to live in a constant state of propaganda-induced fear, the Party is able to force its subjects to accept anything it decrees, even if it is entirely illogical—for instance, the Ministry of Peace is in charge of waging war, the Ministry of Love is in charge of political torture, and the Ministry of Truth is in charge of doctoring history books to reflect the Party’s ideology.
That the national slogan of Oceania is equally contradictory is an important testament to the power of the Party’s mass campaign of psychological control. In theory, the Party is able to maintain that “War Is Peace” because having a common enemy keeps the people of Oceania united. “Freedom Is Slavery” because, according to the Party, the man who is independent is doomed to fail. By the same token, “Slavery Is Freedom,” because the man subjected to the collective will is free from danger and want. “Ignorance Is Strength” because the inability of the people to recognize these contradictions cements the power of the authoritarian regime."

The tax free foundations fund the environmental movement, the Rockefeller's funded the women's movement, the original occupy wall street  was funded by the bankers as all of their demands benefited the bankers, the corporate person-hood movement seems to be banker run. The left consists of dupes and  useful idiots. (The right also just  a bit less so.)


I really think that the left is beyond hope, they do not want to see what is going on  because it would shatter their paradigm.  Their  irrational thought is ingrained into them, so deep that you can not get it out. This irrational thought IS the religion of the left. They will not let it go even with proof, logic, and facts, it is a matter of faith to the left. Government is the God of the left. That is how they try to impose their will on everyone.

My experience is that when arguing against leftist dogma.  Is that they confuse attacking a philosophy with a personal attack and thus avoid discussing anything.  That reaction seems to be part of the leftist mental disorder. Some things are worth my effort some things are not. I am finding trying to reason with lefist dogma is about as productive as pissing on my own leg.

What  really matters is that one understands that what we have is not  free market capitalism. (We probably have never had that ever but we were a lot closer 150 years ago and the word did apply more or less.)  The second thing that really matters is that nothing is going to work, no amount of legislation aimed at whoever one thinks is the bad guy, when the government we have does not work, is corrupt and criminal to the core, and is run by a bunch of criminals. The government can not fix itself. We need to fix it and maybe take it down and created a new one from scratch. 

The left says the bankers control our government, so they want the same owned/corrupt  government  to write laws to rectify the situation? (Remember that government is the lefts God.)
Anyone believing  such bull shit belongs in a mental institution IMHO.

Have you ever read Boston T. Parties "Hologram of Liberty"? His thesis (and also that of Lysander Spooner) is that from the beginning the Constitution was created with enough loopholes to allow the federal government to become the monster that it has become. It was all done by design probably by agents of the banks such as Hamilton that was in on the Constitutional convention. He makes a very good case for this being so.

So far I have only used the word leftist for this article there is a much more accurate term however for these people that hold these irrational, dangerous views.  I think the term "Leftist Christians" is a much more accurate description as 80% of the American population identify with the Christian label and a huge percentage of Christians thanks to the negligent clergy also hold these leftists views. And the conundrum is that socialism is the antithesis of Christianity. Reality is stranger than fiction and most of your Christian brothers and sisters are very much your enemy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lying Cops

I just had a  local cop harass me over providing my name while on my homes front porch and not being under investigation in the commission of a crime in any way shape or form.

I was being nice  and generous when this so called public servant asked me my name and I  told him my first name. When he requested a last name I asked him if there was a Missouri law that required that I give him that information and that if there was would he please provide me with the the statue and then I would be more than happy to comply with the law.

Instead he tried to intimidate me.(Which to me meant he was a liar.)  Asking me if I was wanted. To which I responded to  "are you wanted?". Then he tried the "if you have nothing to hide you should tell me" to which I asked him if  he had nothing to hide would be OK if I went through his wife's underwear drawer illustrating that my stance was based on something probably foreign to him called privacy.
(And what ever happened to the 4th and 5th amendment? Are they null and void in MO?)

He keep threatening that there was such a law in Missouri, even thought he would not, or could not recite it.
I told him,  I hoped  that, he being a public servant and my employee,  would not  lie to me and relented and gave him  my last name. (Which shames me greatly that I caved in...)

Anyhow if I lied to a cop I could be put in jail for a long time.  I strongly believe that this cop (probably a Christian) lied to and manipulated me. And the sad part is that he will not go to jail like I would for a lie.  (Note: Even if there is such a law I find it in  conflict with natural law and thus null and void.)

This officer  later gave away  to someone else that they know who I am (the confrontation  was only about power as it usually is.) and that the  police department in conjunction with the Feds and their drug money suspect that I grow marijuana because the plant lights are on garden plants till 1 am.  I don't know about you, but I think we should pay more taxes to hire more of these public servants so that they can keep an eye on us  tomato growers and write tickets  for more brake lights being out rather that doing what they are supposed to be doing. (Protecting our God given Inalienable rights.)

He also made a veiled threat as he walked off: "I know where to find you." Which was obvious -- and I could not construe as anything other than a threat from an out of control public servant that thought that I was the servant.

I finally got an answer about the law from this cops supervisor.  And the reply indicates to me that not only is this officer a liar and lacking in character, his boss lies and is lacking in character also. Why do we hire these kinds of people for these positions?  It seem to be this way in every town across Amerika. Why do we live with people of such low character lording over us?

Does this person  really believe his own hyperbole?
He contradicts himself in his own reply...
Here is a snippet of the response that I indirectly got:

"Mr. XXXX was a witness to an event of yelling and screaming that was called in to the police by a resident of the same apartment building in which he lives. He was approached, not as a suspect, but rather as a witness to what happened."
He states once that I was not the suspect in a crime.

"Officer Wright noted in his report that he "did not have reasonable suspicion that [Mr. Tittiger] was involved" in the original altercation, so he did not press the matter further."
He states  the second time  that I was not the suspect in a crime.

"As to the accusation that Officer XXXX  "lied" to Mr. XXXX, he did not, in fact, do so. Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 84, Section 84.710 states, "[Police officers] shall also have the power to stop any person abroad whenever there is reasonable ground to suspect that he is committing, has committed or is about to commit a crime and demand of him his name, address, business abroad, and whither he is going."

Then he quotes a law that requires me to be suspected of a crime to substantiate his officers actions!

The fact still remains that this officer threatened to arrest me using a law that he could not quote and which after all did not apply to this situation. Shouldn't police know the law? And if they do not, should they go around badgering citizens with the intent of violating their rights by making up laws as they go?

This incident has made me look into starting local online  newspapers in conjunction with other people:

I have also discovered this great project that aims to hold police accountable for their behavior.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conversation with a contemporary Christain concerning morality.

This back and forth originated in the comment section of a blog about the tyranny of the FDA over our food production. Here are the posts. I will let you draw your own conclusions.

Nullify! nullify! nullify! and then make it a CAPITAL offense for federal agents to interfere with the right to grow and buy food in the State of Missouri!!
Let’s quite playing games with peoples livelihoods and health.

Paula Hall
There is also another TEN. The TEN COMMANDMENTS. And anyone who violates them will not be free from punishment. All the Dixons need to do is to be patient and these types of enemies ALWAYS succumb just as long as the Dixons don’t give up. When dealing with the travesties of justice you describe it is always like you say, deceive, push and impress. These are all designed to make people like the Dixons discouraged so they give up on their own. That is all the power these god-pretenders have. I pray the Dixons and everyone else to hang in there for the long run & then we will see who is victorious.


Unfortunately Christians are usually the biggest supporters of breaking the ten commandments, here in the “bible belt.” I meet few if any “Christians” that see a thing wrong with stealing off of their neighbors in order to send their kids to school.
Or using the threat of death by government to regulate what his neighbor puts into his body. (They call it government protecting us.)
“The government is of God” and can do no wrong the story often goes…. Despite how many people the government kills in the process.
“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” — Thomas Jefferson

Our government is not of God anymore, has not been for a long time. Not all Christians steal from others, that’s like saying all farmers own a John Deere. I think Christians as well as the rest of America needs to be more vocal about the crimes being waged by our government on small farms. We also need to capture the news media somehow, it fails to be news anymore it is censured watered down liberal crap that has too much political bias. We need to do all we can, call the new stations, call radio stations, make sure that everyone starts talking about this. We need to email our friends and neighbors, post on Facebook and tweet every chance we get. If we can somehow shine the light on the evil, it will slink back under the rock from whence it came.

I wish you luck Susan. I am frustrated to say the least.
Most people both Christians and non-Christians are so brain dead that they think the purpose of government is to be our mommy and protect us. They are thus stuck in the trap of arguing for instance that Raw milk is safe and should be legal, Yadda yadda yadda….
We need to make the argument that USDA is unconstitutional and that any mandatory organization like it has to violate our inalienable rights by definition. I can decide what I put in my body thank you. Proper legitimate government should be protecting my inalienable right to make that choice, not criminally violating it.

I wish this forum were threaded as I would like to expound about Christians stealing as it is a pet peeve of mine and most Christians are so dumbed down they do not even know when they are stealing. Ponder what you are doing to your neighbor when you borrow money for a house and it is created out of thin air. Think hard and long.
In hindsight perhaps this does relate to the food/milk issue as the same thing is happening when Christians again do not see the shocking immorality of deciding what their neighbor can or can not put into their body.
Thank God for Amish neighbors and raw milk. :-)

I think it would be hard not to know when you are stealing, and I don’t know about Christians in your neck of the woods but speaking for myself, being a Christian does not mean we are perfect. In fact the very nature of being a Christian acknowledges the fact that we are not perfect and we do sin. I believe when you become a Christian you try to be a better person because Jesus died for us and did so because of the sin we commit. It is not a faith based on believing our good works get us to heaven but that God’s grace given through Jesus, saves us in spite of ourselves. Christians make mistakes, just like other people because we are just people, not smarter, not better, just people. Where is your condemnation for the people that have stolen that are not Christians? Stealing is wrong no matter if you are a Christian, a Buddhist, an atheist or just a plain ole John Smith that doesn’t know what he believes.
I’m not really sure what being a Christian has to do with the topic of Government control over our food sources, but you are right, Joe, the issue is stopping the FDA and the USDA from the control they shouldn’t have. Big government is never the answer.
P.S. The Amish are Christians too :-)

Hi again Susan!
My point has absolutely nothing to do with man’s imperfect sinful nature. It has to do with the fact that they don’t even recognize their actions as sinful in the first place. That is a HUGE point and difference IMHO.
Most Christians do evil and do not have the analytical ability to recognize the fact, and that is what is happening with many peoples support of the FDA. i.e. If you can not figure out that stealing from your neighbor to send your kids to school is stealing. Or that delegating the job of stealing to a politician is still stealing. If they can’t recognize these “obvious” immoralities then how can they recognize some of the more subtle ones such as telling your neighbor that he can’t put certain things in his body or that borrowing money from fractional reserve bankers are both immoral acts also?
For those of you that are wondering why borrowing money from a fractional reserve banker is unambiguously immoral, consider that the act of creating money out of nothing is the very definition of inflation. So if your borrowing causes your retired neighbors savings to go from being worth $200,000 to $100,000 over a ten year period, you have taken part in stealing his wealth just as surely as if you robbed him at gun point.
This is undeniable truth yet I have never ever heard a another Christian bring up this point. They do not even realize what they are doing. Thank government schools I guess.
Take care.

Susan said: “Where is your condemnation for the people that have stolen that are not Christians?”
Susan, I condemn stealing or other immoralities no matter who the perpetrator may be. I just hold fellow Christians to a much higher standard. Especially when they willfully and forcefully demand the right to steal and threaten to kill their neighbors with the force of government if they are not allowed to continue stealing.
When you get down to the final analysis that is what Christians in contemporary Ameika do for a living. They go to church on Sunday and then every day of the week they use every tool available to them including governmental threat of death to make sure they can violate every God given right they can of their fellow Christians.
In my opinion they substantiate their evil by their misinterpretation of Romans 13 as meaning that no matter what kind of evil government that THEY create (there is no longer a Caesar) that it is of God and therefore it’s OK.
Be blessed

Wow it sounds like you have a whole lot going on where you are, I can’t answer for anyone else, but what I can answer for are my own actions. When it comes to other people’s sins and mistakes I think it is best to leave it up to God to convict people of what they are doing wrong. I can say that I believe something is wrong but there are many admonitions in the bible about looking at our own sins before pointing out the sins of others. In my own walk I have noticed that God works with each of us as individuals. He may be correcting me on a sin of my own, while working on my husband on a sin of his that is entirely different than mine. Thank God that he loves us enough to do this, but we can get so wrapped up in what He is now showing us that we decide everyone else needs to be straightened out as well. That is not our job. Our job is to be the best Christian we can be, try to lead by example, and when we stumble, ask for forgiveness, get up and try not to trip over the same sin again. How can we show God’s love when we are so angry over the injustices done to us by others real or imaginary? The greatest injustice was done to Christ, yet his words were “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” How can we not forgive our neighbor after so much forgiveness has been shown to us?
I talk about the health benefits of raw milk and organics, I talk about the problems with the FDA and USDA, and most people look at me like I’m a little screwy. I just keep talking, I figure if I talk enough maybe someone will hear a blurb on the TV about Monsanto or run across something online and it will spark their interest enough to learn more about what that goofy girl was talking about. Ask someone if they know what a GMO is, most people will look at you with the deer in the headlight look, they have no clue. We can’t fault them if they don’t know……..we have to just keep talking.

Susan I can not address the whole thing but I will address a few points:
You said: “When it comes to other people’s sins and mistakes I think it is best to leave it up to God to convict people of what they are doing wrong.”
So Susan if I heard you right, and correct me if I am wrong, you think that courts should be abolished and all laws for crimes ranging from burglary to rape should be taken off the books because this is Gods job not mans “to convict people of what they are doing wrong.” And if this is not what you meant I fail to see how I am supposed to differentiate between an individual stealing from me at gun point and someone using the violence of government to steal from me? Is every evil done by government immune from being judged as wrong in your world view?
What about Stalin starving 30 million Christians in the Ukraine? Was that OK because a government did it? I suppose we should not have had the Holocaust war trials because a government gassed the Jews so it was OK and we should have left the judgement up to God.
I am not being flippant I really do not follow or understand your logic at all.

You also said:
“How can we show God’s love when we are so angry over the injustices done to us by others real or imaginary? The greatest injustice was done to Christ, yet his words were “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” How can we not forgive our neighbor after so much forgiveness has been shown to us?”

Susan forgiveness does not absolve the perpetrator of evil from justice. Again in addition to forgiveness do you want to get rid of all criminal laws? Even with God’s forgiveness for us he still holds us accountable for what we do. Civilized man has done this through out history.
My point is that just because you call yourself government should not absolve you from justice. Nor should something being “legal” absolve an individual or government from justice, it that act is wrong. Did you know that every act that Hitler committed in Germany, including gassing the Jews, was legal?
In the same way my neighbors stealing from me to educate their children is wrong regardless of it’s being legal.   It most certainly is not lawful. Do you understand the difference between legal and lawful?
The FDA arresting people for dealing in milk is wrong regardless of the law says. It may be legal but it is not lawful.

I hope this makes some sense to you. I am not the most articulate person all the time but I am much clearer in writing than verbally.

This may be redundant but I see the act of Christians turning a blind eye to the evil of stealing of their neighbors assets to educate their children as no different than if they turned a blind eye to a child molester loose in the neighborhood. As I have asserted before most people these days can not even reason logically.
Be blessed Susan

I do believe people should be held accountable for their actions, I believe in capitol punishment (now to open a huge can of worms,lol)
Let me give you a for instance so you can understand what I am trying to say. If someone broke into my house and killed my husband. I would want to see them brought to justice. I would go to the trial and hope that he were found guilty. I would however try my best to someday forgive the person that did that. Not for him, for me, for my own peace. The government has passed a law making abortion legal right? I don’t believe in it. I think it is morally wrong and will do what I have within my power to do (vote, pray, speak out etc…) to try to get that law repealed. If my neighbor is an abortion doctor I would probably have many discussions trying to dissuade him. He would know my opinion, but I will not condemn him for it is God’s place to judge him, not mine. If he needs a loaf of bread I will give it to him.

The command God gave us to forgive others benefits us more than the ones we are to forgive.
May I ask, because I don’t understand what you are talking about when you keep saying that your neighbors are stealing from you to educate their children.

Hi again Susan we have to quite meeting like this, :-)

Let me regress a bit. When this country was founded we had something like a 95% literacy rate (the highest the world has ever known) and it cost money to educate your children if you sent them to a real school.  The literacy rate has never again reached this high level.

Around 1850 the industrial revolution was getting started and factories needed workers who would sit in one place all day long and do as they were told. (Exactly the opposite of your average rural person at the time.) So to solve this problem, powerful people such as the Rockefeller family copied the Prussian educational model and brought it to America.  The entire purpose of the Prussian educational model was to get people to do as they were told  and not to ask questions -  it did that very well and it has worked very well to that end in  America also.  So  the powers that be, got mandatory educational laws passed. The main reasoning for them was so that they would have an army of robotic people to staff their factories.

How to pay for these mandatory schools?  Well the way it has worked out in America is that they instituted the property tax.

One thing this did was bring about the first plank of the communist manifesto - the abolition of private property.  If you have to pay rent on your property and can loose it if you don't pay the rent then there is really no such thing as owning property. Right?

This is where Christians get lost. They attend churches where the pastor tells them that anything government does is OK. Well since when is stealing off if your neighbor to educate your kids OK with God? It sure was not when this country was founded.  If this is OK then having  the property tax pay for $50,000 college educations of everyone's children would also be OK. Right? What's the difference?

How about taxing everyone's property so that every child also gets a first car and a first home?  Are you getting the idea?  The end does NOT and never will justify the means.  It is not my legal duty to educate your child or buy him food or clothes, or cars or homes.  It may be my moral duty to help the less fortunate but that is not what we are talking about here.

Here are some resources for you.
It was serendipity that  Reverend Chuck Baldwin wrote a column about Christians following the evils of the State this week:

It is also possible today to get a much much better education than offered in any government school and even on most colleges for under $500 a year. Yes per year. And you can educate a dozen of your kids for this same low price.

Take a look  at "Healing our world" by Doctor Mary Ruwart. She discuses liberty from a Christian perspective and it's free.

Good talking with you. I hope this has helped.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bankster of America alert

I do not know if you have ever heard stories of ATM machines shorting people with the usual ending being  that there is no recourse.  I have avoided ATM machines like the plague for this very reason.  I have had a Walmart electronic checkout try to short me one time but that did not fly as there were too many people around for them not to rectify the situation.  I had an ATM in a Walmart short me severely once but when they opened the machine (They had had this happen before.) they found the money jammed in the internal pathways.

Now it seems like they have a new angle of stealing from customers. ( As if the double $30 bounce fees that are calculated with software to create the maximum amount of bounces  are not enough.)  Now they just create an amount that you did not withdraw and you are not aware until later when they say you withdrew a different amount.  

I know for a fact I did not withdraw what they said I withdrew because I was trying to pay my rent without driving into Springfield MO and the machine would not let me withdraw the amount of  my rent, so I withdrew less.  However tonight checking my bank statement it says I withdrew the amount that I was refused.

I am going to try and find some recourse and I doubt if I find any. 

Please let me know if you have heard of this  happening before  or know of any recourse.

It seems like the pit of vipers is not content with merely counter-fitting money and charging interest on it.  Now that they have electronic everything all they have to do is to falsify some numbers and they can steal  even more off of you.   

** I thought I was done when I just discovered that BOA is now charging you $2 to use other banks ATM's  in addition to the fees that the other bank charges.

I suggest the movie the money masters if you do not yet know how evile these people are.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The traditions of men - State Marriages

The message  at church this Sunday  was that we should NOT follow the "Traditions of Men."

Put another way:
"If you dance with the devil you won't change him. He will change you."

During communion  this message led to the following thought: 

Why did not everyone  clamor for a real  communion?
After all The State did not sanction it so it could  not have been a real and valid communion could  it?  I mean there is not  a record of it  in the court house.
You did not make sure with Caesar that it was OK  for you to receive communion. 
What if it was not OK with Caesar?
Did you receive the proper counseling, pay the proper fees, fill out the proper paper work, are you  of the proper age, have the proper criminal record, don't owe any back taxes or child support?..... ad infinitum.   

You probably agree with me that the above is crazy and you would not stand for it.  Yet almost every Christian  that I know will clamor for Caesars approval of their marriage. 
Why is that?  You do know why Caesar started State  marriages in this country don't you?  

Another strange thing  that Christians do is want approval of their church by Caesar. They want it to be a 501c3.

Christians are  a peculiar  breed  many of them  know scripture inside and out but once their nose is out of the good book they have no clue as how to apply what they have read.

For instance: Christians have no problem stealing from their neighbor to run the Marxist local guberment school system. Nor do they have any problem having the bankers counterfeit the money for their home loans and thus stealing it, by way of inflation from their neighbors  just as surely as if they had used a gun to rob them.  In my lifetime there has never been a war of  aggression where we murder people that never have posed a threat to us and most Christians offer weekly prayers for the safety of the murders. (Soldiers) They almost always vote for a political party that promise to steal off of some group to give to another. They ask Caesar for pemission to work, they ask Caesar for permission build their houses, they ask Caesar for permission to marry.

Back to  the topic of Christians asking  Caesar for their God given rights, none that I know have the slightest moral issue with groveling before Caesar for permission to carry  a concealed weapon. I do not claim to know the creators mind but it seems to me to be very disrespectful to the creator of the universe  not to acknowledge that this right came from him and  to seek permission from man as if they were the ones and not God that granted us this right.  The Christians that go to Caesar for this God given right also sell out their brethren that can not afford this permission or choose not to seek it for moral reasons. By seeking Caesars permission they  admit that Caesar falsely has jurisdiction in this matter and that is OK to lock their brethern in cages or even kill those that do not go along.  Just another example of Pastor Martin Niemöllers poem where Christians do not get involved because they think they do not have a dog in that particular fight. They are of course following the Traditions of Men.

Would Christians act this same way if Caesar demanded a license to own a bible? Would most get the permission slip and stand by as those that did not get permission  were arrested, tortured, and  killed?   I  believe beyond a shadow of doubt that they would.    They have shown their heart and character when I comes to lesser issues,  such as concealed carry and they would do it with a bible license also. They think: " I paid the fee. I have no dog in this fight."

Christians are also very strange about the way they treat God's temple, their bodies. Very simply put they do not take care of it. They shove all sorts of poisons into it 24/7 without a second thought.  Suicide is a sin of course but death by food seems to be a  Christian virtue.

Christians in short are good at reading scripture and piss poor at living it.

Can I point you to the chapter and verse where it  says it is wrong to do any of these things? No I can not. Unlike many Christians I rely on the brain and the intelligence that God gave me to figure out what is right and wrong. This may shock you but I think that the blind unquestioning following of scripture is the genesis of most of the evil in this country.  When I look at the Christian community in this country I see interpretations  of scripture that span the breadth of my imagination.  Therefore like I just said I use the brain that God gave me to filter out what I have read.  I am not one that if scripture says that the Sun rises in the West that would believe it without further investigation.

Their is a verse in the bible where a vast majority of Christians just accept what they read without using a lick of the intelligence that God gave them to think about or question it, and IMHO  the interpretation of this passage as I alluded to is the root of  the great evil that pervades this country.

The particular part of scripture is Romans 13.  And after a lifetime of talking to other Christians I am certain that  even if Caesar had horns and a tail that most  would follow him into the pits of hell and dine on the bodies of their children.  Look at the Christian nation of Nazi Germany.  Most all of them did exactly as they were told. Look at our own troops when it comes to war. Young men will go to any country in the world and murder people that are not a threat to them in the least when told to do so. While back at home the preachers will take time to "pray for the troops".

I am far from perfect.  In some cases unless I wish to become incarcerated or killed by Caesar  I must follow the Traditions of Men. Not only on the issues that I mentioned, but literally dozens of other issues  that most Christians do not even consider.

That is not the choice that  the Apostle Paul made. The older I get the more certain I am that this waffling by myself and others is the root of most of the problems that we have in the world today.

* If you would like to hear my take on Romans 13, I  suggest listening to the 4 sermons that Reverend and  and Patriot Chuck Baldwin has posted  as "The True Meaning of Romans 13 " part 1-4, right here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Unholy trinity: Dentists

If you have been following the alternative health movement you will have read that the federal government has after years of denial finally admitted that fluoride is not good for people. Even Wally-world has it seems curtailed the sale of fluoride enhanced baby water guaranteed to lower your child's IQ significantly with continued use.  Watch this short video by Mike Adams the "Health Ranger."

Mercury is being recognized as having a strong connection to ADD --> Aspergers --> Autism
They tell us that their is now no thimiseral in vaccines and dentists are covertly pushing non-mercury fillings.

You would think that this dental monopoly could not have done any more damage than they have by pushing mercury and fluoride on the unsuspecting public but they have.  But they have done much much more damage to the public's health.  And I may add the sheeple deserve it in a way by trusting in government to protect them when if they were students of history they would see the fallacy of this blind trust.  While they  may deserve their comeuppance I certainly did not but yet the sheeple were not satisfied to make these poor choices  for themselves they also with the barrel of a gun (Through their support of licensing laws) forced these choices upon me.

The latest incident of  victimization from my fellow man and the dental monopoly involves the loss of fillings that the dentist refuse to put back in and since I am not one of the priesthood I can not even get an intelligible answer as to the reason why.   What I do know for sure however is that in the very act of drilling that dentists do immense and irreparable damage to your teeth. They do not know that there are ways to re-enamel teeth through diet without drilling. They are so uneducated in fact that they do not even understand the connection between diet and dental health.   I will not go into detail in this article as how to accomplish this. I just wanted to make people aware of the great and very real damage that dentists do to people under the auspices of a monopoly that will kill or imprison those that dare to question them and try to do different.  Look for an expansion on these thoughts in the future.

** The title Unholy Trinity refers to an earlier post.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Does this describe your Sheriff? If so be scared.... VERY scared.

These convictions were reinforced by a news article that I read  tonight at McDonald's. It was about so called drug raids by the country Sheriffs department. (Do not misconstrue my words as being supportive of drug abuse. But drugs are a medical issue and not a  legal one. Actions, not things, should be outlawed.)

Anyhow coming from a guy that purports to support the Constitution these are very strange actions. A guy that does things like this would be open to doing the same thing to people that put other things in their body that Caesar tells him to arrest. Perhaps he would be open to doing the same thing to people who put raw milk in their bodies? His actions indicate to me that he is either  not very bright or that to him the end justifies the means and who know where else he may compromise what little integrity that he has. I am of the opinion that he has none. 

There are just no excuses for imprisoning, killing, destroying lives, and families of someone that has not done a single thing to  harm another human being no matter how detestable you might find their actions.  He is in a way implementing a theocracy and  enforcing his view of morality even though he is himself a sinner and should likewise be imprisoned for his trespasses if he is to
be intellectually consistent.

Do you believe in the butterfly effect? The law of unintended consequences?  I do,  very much so.

And I am sure that this sheriffs actions have influenced  wives whose husbands were ripped away by him to either  abort their child, or to have children that  grow up in abject poverty and abuse because of his actions.  Even if his actions were not to cause the preceding, I consider his destroying lives, families, and marriages right up there on the scale of evil with abortion.   I have not even gotten into the invasion  and loss of rights that this war, that he is  waging against fellow  Christians, inflicts upon every single person in this country.  Not to mention the money they steal at gun point to help them wage it from every single person in this county.

As you can tell I am passionate about this.  I do not see  "his side" or have any excuse for people that act in this manner. It is in my book as bad as if this guy ran an abortion mill. He has no  integrity and does not respect the God given rights of  his fellow man.

This is not a temporary slip in judgment on his part - this is an integral part of his world view and character. This goes way beyond acceptable human fallibility in my book. In a  perfect world he would be tried for his very clear and blatant treasonous actions and suffer the possible consequences.

I would urge caution in dealing with this kind of evil person. Maybe he is the lesser of  two evils but he is still evil.  Unfortunately good  men  with integrity are almost an extinct breed.   However much he talks the talk he does not walk the walk.

He is responsible for destroying thousand upon thousands of lives.

Good Cops and other urban legends.

I am off my soap box for the evening. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Misguided Christians: Do you have your church license?

Imagine that next year that Caesar (your owners) or  whatever you wish to call the criminal tyrants that pose as legitimate government these days, institute a license for you to attend church and it is going to cost $1,000 a year for this license. Caesar justifies  this even though the Constitution explicitly prohibits them from doing so,  arguing that some people abuse religion to harm others. Look at Jim Jones, and  David Koresh. Look at the religious people that attack and heckle gay people.  I mean you don't support Jim Jones, David Koresh or gay haters do you?

Most of the Church people are not concerned about this licensing. After all they are already licensed as 501c3 churches and this slippery slope is not even noticed by any of them. After all does not scripture tell us to give unto Caesar and that government was put there by God?

It turns out that a full 50% of the towns inhabitants can not afford this onerous licensing fee. It does not bother the people that can afford the fee. They do not consider their compliance as legitimizing the actions of Caesar. They do not see that their compliance makes it difficult for those that can't afford the license to buck the system.  Those brethren that choose to attend church without the license will just have to pay the consequences for disobeying the authorities, if their lives and the lives of their families are destroyed or even forfeited  that is what they deserve for not respecting the Lords representatives on this earth.

There are another 25% of the towns people that do not qualify for the license. They are called "prohibited possessors". They have committed some offense on a long, arbitrary, and growing list that excludes them from buying their right to attend church. Things that preclude people from being church licensed  include such things as ever being in an argument with your spouse, (Or just not being able to afford an attorney and having to cop a plea.) as violent people are more likely to abuse religion. If you have ever been committed even against your will you most defiantly can not hold a church license, think how dangerous that would be. If you are on the arbitrary no fly list you also can not have the license. We certainly do not want to promote terroristic christian churches. Lastly what ever new thing of the day that Caesar decides to call a felony can also keep one from holding the license. They don't call them God given/inalienable for nothing. Caesar as Gods representative has every right to take them away.

There are only 25% of the people that can get the church license left. Every year there become fewer and fewer because the fees continue to go up and the "prohibited possessor" list gets more and more inclusive.   This 25%  never considered it their duty to join with the other 75% and tell Caesar what to do with his licensing. If they had the tyranny would have been stopped.
Eventually everyone lost their so called right to a church license.
This is classical example of  Reverend Martin Niemöller's  Poem.

And if you have not figured it out yet this is not about church licenses. This is about gun laws. Concealed carry permits in particular. Christians going along with Caesar, taking the God given rights of other Christians, for any reason, under any circumstances, is to my way of thinking an abomination to God. He gives us gifts and his people help Caesar take this rights from their brethren.  The record of Christian defense of their God given rights is abysmal at the very best. They have always drawn their  line in the sand and have always redrawn it when  Caesar crosses it.  They are about to be backed over a cliff from this backing down. 

The few that do have an immovable line in the sand often say that it is their Religious freedom is the immovable line in the sand. I submit to you that this is the wrong one.  You can worship even if Caesar burns your bible, and bulldozes you church. You can only be prevented from worshiping by death.  One of the lines in the sand  that you should  never back down from  should be any and  every  aspect of self defense because without self defense every other right WILL be taken from you. 

There is an abundance of dumbed down Christians these days. Help educate them as to the consequences of their actions before it is too late.

Please spread the word.
Be Blessed
Thom Jefferson