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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why does law enforcement in Marshfied MO make itself our enemy?

It used to be that law enforcement in this country was looked up to and respected. Seems like forever does it not? There was also a time when we the people were law enforcement. How is that you ask? Is that not Vigilantism?
LOL ----- Hell no!

Well where do you think law enforcement gets it's powers? Is it not from "We the people" delegating certain powers that WE HAVE to government? Most people have been brain washed in government schools and by the controlled media to think other wise. The truth is that "We the people" are sovereign and that any power that government claims to have, has to first be one that "We the people" have, and secondly it has to be explicitly delegated to government by us for government to posses that power.

Where am I going with this?
I am going to relate a few recent incidents where local Webster County Missouri law enforcement were the criminals instead of being the protectors of my rights as they were created to do. (And also swore an oath to God and the Constitution to uphold.)

You can search an earlier post of mine for more details but the combined police and sheriffs department here a few months back executed an illegal, false felony arrest on me. They pointed a shot gun and an AR15 at my head. (Not to mention other officers with service revolvers.) What would have happened to them if they had shot and killed me? You read the press.... Nothing other than a few days of paid leave until their own biased department cleared them.

What the cops failed to do was due diligence. A week earlier I had called "Americas Most Wanted" and cleared up the fact that I was not Paul Merhige

I am 20 years older than him and look nothing like him. The bottom line being that anyone other than employees of an incompetent government agency would face severe civil and possibly criminal penalties for not doing due diligence and finding out the APB was null and void. Nor should the civil penalties be paid by you the tax payer. They should be paid by the officer who committed the offence. In other words these law enforcement people should be broke, out of a job, and homeless on the street. This would not even begin to compensate me for the nightmares and sleepless nights that this incident has caused me.

Last month I caught a person in the act of letting air out of my tires in this same town. The local police refused to press any charges stating that they would not know what to charge them with. This same Cop however informed me that he would arrest me if I let the air out of his cruisers tires. It seems like there is one set of laws for the slaves and another for our masters.

Very recently I was moving out of a place where I rented a room. The room mate became violent and I called 911. I told the officer (and it is in the police report) that I said much of my belongings were still in the house and that I wanted to remove them. The room mate told them that I had removed everything. Is this not the crime of theft that should be investigated?
Hell no according to the people that we pay to protect our rights! All the room mate had to say was that I owed him money and all of a sudden this theft became civil. The police would do nothing and told me that I had to pursue "civil" action, which I could neither afford nor was there any resolution there.

I have 2 very real problems with the above scenario. One is that I could have went right back into that house since it takes 30 days to evict someone for non-payment of rent. Are they telling me then that my room-mate without any due process could have taken my tooth brush, all of my clothes, my food, my bibles, even my bed and let me sleep on the floor al because he alleges that I owe him money? The second huge problem I have is that even if this money were owed, it was not past due. In fact I had always paid rent on the 4th and this was the 3rd. Even on the 4th it would not be past due until the 5th! In effect this criminal cop (And the criminal DA that backed him up.) aided and abetted in the theft of my personal property for an alleged debt BEFORE the debt even became due! This cop and this DA IMHO belong in jail as they are no different than the street thugs that hold you up or break into your home to steal in the middle of the night!

In another incident the same room-mate committed criminal assault on me. He threatened to break my jaw and I got the incident recorded on my cell phone. The police had to be badgered to even take a report and then they would only agree to charge him with disturbing the peace. A far far cry from misdemeanor or felony assault. To add insult to injury it seems that they are not going to serve this person at all. Because I am just your average Joe and not someone politically connected in this town. The cop did talk down to me and asked if I were not the homeless guy that had lived in a storage locker!

*UPDATE on the above assault charges: They finally decided to press some very much less serious charges.   The astonishing (well maybe not - this is government after all) thing was the threatening letter from the Marshfield Police department, that if I, the injured party, did not show up for their kangaroo court that a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Let that sink in for a moment!

I also spoke with a detective in town about the selling and buying of stolen goods in the home that I had just vacated. What did this protector of my liberties then do? He went right to them exposing that I had talked to him and putting my life and property in danger. Words can not convey my loathing for this so called public servant.

This was not just one isolated incident of law enforcement making an honest mistake. No I have related 5 separate incidences of these so called peace officers spitting on the Constitution and my rights. This is business as usual and the MO for these criminals with badges. How many more hundreds or even thousands of times have they done the same to others?

To wrap it up I feel violated. I feel raped and the rapist was so called law enforcement. I am not sure who to despise more - so called law enforcement or the criminals.

In Liberty!
Thom Jefferson

FYI if you see criminal police behaviour report it here:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tired of buying my God given rights!

If you have followed this blog you are aware of my distrust of law enforcement. IMHO it is not hard to determine who to fear the most, the criminals, or the cops. A hint: you can shoot and protect yourself against one class of criminal but not the other.

In the past 18 months I have had people that I have lived with turn out be common criminals and steal from me. You are probably shocked that I am so naive that this would happen. I guess I am. I expect people to do unto others..... and that I guess is naive.

The reason it happens is MUCH more shocking...

We have a government that steals  at least 50% of what we all earn -- and it does nothing to earn it's keep. In fact it does the exact opposite. Law enforcement IS part of the criminal element. It does not protect us, instead it is the thing to be feared as it works hand in hand with criminals to ensure that they continue to thrive. The more that crime grows the more tax money the law enforcement thugs steal from us. So what do you think is in their best interest: growing crime or falling crime?

Let me continue my story:

18 months ago in Oklahoma I had an individual steal a large amount of personal property from me.
He was very slick and much more articulate than myself. As a result of his being so convincing, the local OK sheriff outright lied and fabricated a story because he was convinced that I was the criminal. To the cops the end usually justifies the means.

As a result my insurance was canceled and they denied the theft claim. I guess you should expect such behavior from a class of people (cops) that the courts have ruled that it is a crime to lie to -- but conversely it is OK and even encouraged that they lie to you. (Reread this statement and it should shock you.)

More recently in Missouri, I had another room-mate decide that he was going to steal a large part of my belongings again. Books, bibles, food, clothes, cooking utensils, and much more.
The police call this crime a civil matter. I really don't care what they call it. We all know what it is. It is a CRIME! Anyway they refuse to do anything at all. They call this crime civil and wash their hands of the matter. You get no justice. They tell you that you can take it to small claims court but even that information must be pried out of them as they tell you at the court house that they can not practice law and that unless you can afford an attorney you are  screwed and will not even help you in this matter at all even though we pay their salaries. In addition you must come up with filing fees to buy your rights from the government that steals 50% of what you make. Then to add insult to injury even if you win they tell you that you are again screwed when you win and want to collect. Only they the criminal government exercise that power when it benefits them in such cases as child support. God forbid they would use that power to a slaves benefit.

This same person that I am speaking of was involved in dealing with stolen goods and drugs. I spoke with a detective about this. The SOB immediately went to the person that I had turned in and put my life in danger. (Is it a wonder no one trusts the cops?)

To add insult to injury the slave (us) has to come up with money to buy their rights .....

I want a PFA (protection from abuse in most states.) against this individual and again I can only get it if I have enough left over after the state steals 50% of what I make and the criminals that they support steal much of the rest. (Reread this one too.)

Also I would like to purchase another right.... and that is the right to defend myself. Here in Missouri they call it a concealed carry permit. It comes at a very high price and they will not SELL that God given right to a homeless person no matter what. You need an address to purchase that God given right. I hope to have and address soon but that will preclude having the money to buy my God given right to self defense.

Think about what I have laid out here... this is the society that that the average American has created and supports and it makes me physically ill.