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Friday, February 12, 2010

Socialist Christians and other oxymoron's

Socialist Christians and other oxymoron's

If you call yourself a Christian, you are familiar with the commandment about stealing. After all God wrote it in stone for Moses so that you would not forget it.
Christians in this country are so dumbed down however, that they don't recognize real world applications of 8th commandment. The problem originates by the fact that most stealing in the United States is legal. (Read on and I will hopefully prove this to you.) People are so dumbed down that if something is legal they also assume that it is moral. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is abortion moral? Was the "legal" act of gassing Jews in ovens moral?
I urge you to stop reading your bible and listening to your clergyman long enough to learn some basic economics and decide for yourself whether or not most stealing is not legal in this country and what you should do about this situational morality. * -foot note

Economics 101: Communism vs Socialism

Most Americans are not comfortable with Communism, but for some reason they embrace and love Socialism. The fact of the matter is that they are identical. They are both collectivism that eschews private ownership for group ownership. The only discernible difference between the two is the means at which you arrive there. The Fabian Socialist arrive at their goal, as they have in the United States, by getting the citizens of a country to agree to it. The Communists on the other hand, implement their version of collectivism with "With the Barrel of a gun" as Chairman Mao observed. I repeat that the end result of both is identical, yet citizens of western countries live under and support socialism but will go to war and kill people that use the "C" word for an identical collectivist system.

Christians need to realize that supporting any political system, whether you call it fascism, socialism or communism, that eliminates private property to give it to others, is in fact supporting theft. It's pretty cut and dry.

Is not theft the antithesis of Christianity? I was always taught that if a Christian wants to help someone that they should dig deep and give to those that they find deserving. We used to call this charity. But when Christians support and enable theft, vicariously through their vote, by electing political thugs that promises to steal, they are in fact breaking one of Gods commandments.

Take a look at the political platform for the Democrat and Republican parties for the past 50 years. Do you see what I see? Both parties platforms openly endorse and actively support all 10 planks of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto! Communist Manifesto This is seriously at odds with Gods commandment against stealing. Liberalism, fascism,socialism, communism, democrat, and republican, ideologies under the hood are almost indistinguishable collectivist ideologies. Judge them by their actions and not their words. My point to you is that if you have in the past 50 years supported either a democrat or a republican you are going to have a little bit of explaining to your maker on judgment day.

Let's take a look at some of the specific things that Christians often support but should not if they give any credence to what they read about the sin of stealing in their bibles.

Plank 5 of the Communist manifesto: National Banks

This is the grand daddy of them all. Those of you that support the income tax support the enslavement of your neighbors for 3 months a year to pay extortion money to a private group of bankers that we all know as the Federal Reserve. On a scale of one to ten, stealing 3 months of your neighbors life rates pretty high. Ask yourself at what point does this become chattel slavery? If you are undereducated on this topic I suggest you read "Creature from Jekyll Island" or if like many Americans you don't read, at least Google "GCN radio" and start listening to some of the Internet radio shows there.

Plank 10 of the Communist manifesto: Government Schools

Perhaps your neighbor home schools, or perhaps he has no children at all. Yet you support political
parties that demand, upon threat of violence, that he pay a "property tax" to subsidize the education of everyone elses children. Only a delusional Christian could see this as anything other than stealing. Perhaps because this theft is legal and your 501.c3 Church does not speak out about it, you think that this theft is OK with God.

Borrowing money from a fractional reserve bank

Anytime you borrow money under our current and criminal banking system, including the use of credit cards, you are causing the creation of, or more precisely, the counterfeiting of, money. If you know anything about economics this is called inflation. When YOU cause inflation you are stealing from your neighbor. This is not a trivial matter. Think about the retired couple down the street that has a $100,000 nest egg. After 20 years of 6% inflation this nest egg is worth only about $25,000. You have thus stolen $75,000 from this couple. Inflation currently is running well over 12%.

If you want to follow Gods commandment here I suggest that you stop supporting parties that allow lawless banking practices.. Or do you believe that this is moral because it is legal and your Church does not speak out about it?

Supporting building codes and zoning

I have a gut feeling that banks are the special interest that make sure that we have building codes because they are one of the primary beneficiaries of these draconian laws.

A major effect of building codes is to ensure that most all people must borrow money from a bank in order to buy a home. If the average home costs $100,000 then at 6% interest over 30 years, banks make $200,000 on each and every one of these loans. Do you think that forcing your neighbor to pay "the money changers" $200,000 is not stealing? Again, only a delusional Christian would think so.

EPA regulations

The Constitution states that Congress shall make all laws, yet you support and tolerate bureaucratic agencies such as the EPA that make law at whim. I was personally the victim of one such "whim" of the EPA. I lived on a piece of land that needed a bridge over a small creek to be able to drive onto the property. The EPA dictated to me that I come up with over 10 times more money than I paid for this property before even constructing this bridge. Need I add, money that I did not have, in order to meet their arbitrary regulations.? As a result I became homeless and sold what became worthless land.

I ask you does your political party support the Unconstitutional EPA? If your party is not against it then it must be for it. Right? Are you still convinced that because this is legal and your Church says nothing that is must be OK?

If you support either of the 2 major parties I submit to you that you were at least partially responsible for stealing my home, and you certainly don't want to know about all of the resulting costs to society over the next 20 years that this theft has caused.

Other unintended consequences of EPA interference

Arbitrary and unconstitutional fuel mileage requirements have transformed easy to work on vehicles to incomprehensible technological objects. Recently I had to pay a mechanic $800 in labor in order to fix an oil leak that would have been easy for my to fix on my 1972 model vehicle. And you guessed it. I consider that $800 as stolen from me.

Supporting the Dental Monopoly

As Englishmen we have a rich 700 year history of being able to contract with one another in an unencumbered manner. Fairly recently however the our Federal Government has unconstitutionally decided that we no longer have a right to contract with whom we choose for our dental care. It's their designated ADA monopoly or nothing. As a result many of us are paying much more than we are able to comfortably afford for dental care. (i.e. We are robbed.) Or worse yet we must do with no dental care what soever because it is totally priced out of our reach. How Christians can support things like this is beyond my ability to comprehend or reason.

What should a Christian to do?

First of all you should educate yourself about liberty, for an uneducated person can not make the correct choices to maintain a free and moral country. After you educate yourself you will, hopefully, see with 20/20 vision how wrong the above things are.

Unfortunately because the Government steals at the very least 50% of what even the poorest of us makes you may for the time being have to depend upon some immoral socialist program that is funded by stealing from your neighbour. I think this is excusable as long as you realise that you must unceasingly support and work towards the eradication of all of these wrongs. You may rationalise your participation in something like say food stamps because it is not stealing in light of the 50% of your income that government has taken from you beforehand. You are out of necessity just getting back from the thief a small part of what was taken from you.

Admittedly this is a slippery slope that I wish we did not have to journey upon. But one must do what one must do to survive. Like me you should work constantly at trying to educate your fellow man about Libertarianism, the principles of freedom that this country was founded on, and how this relates to Gods word.

*Foot Note: Could the reason be that Churches do not do their job of educating their flocks be that they have a huge conflict of interest by becoming a 501.c3 non-profits? Ask your clergyman about Presidents Johnson's executive order prohibiting non-profits from political speech.