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Monday, December 28, 2009

Americas most wanted wants me.

I am Americas most wanted.

It was around Monday December 21st that I listened to a voice mail on my cell phone. I am out in the country and could not make most of it out other than the police were investigating a murder. I have a strict policy of not talking to the police so I deleted the message and forgot about it. Don’t be shocked by my not wanting to talk to the police, even in a murder case. For starters there is no way on the telephone to verify that who you are talking to are really the police. The other concern that I have is that the police could be lying to me when the were actually investigating me. I did not have an attorney representing me so I found it unwise to talk to who ever was trying to get a hold of me. I foolishly assumed that in the United States that I still had a right not to talk to the police. Boy was I wrong.

I started getting calls almost hourly from numbers that I did not recognise so I did not answer them. My mother in Florida however did answer her phone. If the police could not get me to talk to them they would terrorise my mother until I talked to them. (Yes I said “terrorise” as that is the main function of modern law enforcement IMHO) I finally relented and spoke with some female storm trooper, somewhere, telling her that I was not the person that they were looking for and I then foolishly considered the matter closed. That was until the next day when my mother informed me that this female storm trooper was still threatening to put out an APB on me if I did not call her yet again. Considering the warped mentalities that the organised crime family called law enforcement attracts I figured that she was just a control freak that wanted to make absolutely sure that I the slave knew my place. I talked to her again and she assured me that she was satisfied and that there was no need for further contact between us. (Never trust a cop as when their lips start moving they are lying.)

Let me back up a minute and fill you in on what I discovered as things unfolded:
Recently the show “Americas Most Wanted ” featured a show about a Paul Michael Merhige that murdered 4 people on November 26th in Jupiter Fl. (

Sometime around December 21st I went into a post office box type store in Marshfield MO. It seems that the person working in that store was an indoctrinated brown shirt that dutifully called Americas Most wanted hotline with the license plate number of my FL van saying the she had sighted Paul Merhige. It was also during this time that I noticed that the battery life of my cell phone was drastically reduced. I suspected that GPS tracking had been turned on. To verify that this was the case I fully charged it one night and then turned it off. The next morning when I turned it back on the battery was half dead. Doing some research on the Internet I came to the conclusion that for this type of drain that I was being monitored audibly in addition to GPS monitoring. I also learned that police could accomplish this as easily as blowing their nose with absolutely no oversight by anyone. I called my cell phone provider Verizon (another Brown shirt company IMHO) only to be told that they could not divulge whether GPS tracking had been turned on at law enforcements request unless I subpoenaed the information. Basically told to go pound salt because how many people have a few extra thousand dollars laying around to pay someone that belongs to the BAR monopoly to serve a subpoena?

Forward a few days….. I hear a rumor that the Marshfield library that I had just left was invaded by storm
Troopers. They ordered everyone out at gun point and were overheard to say “we know he is in here.”
Well my brain works very slowly sometimes or maybe I just don’t want to admit that I am living in the Matrix and have taken the red pill. A self imposed denial because the world is just too screwed up to contemplate. Now with the gift of hindsight I see that the storm trooper from Americas Most Wanted lied as expected and put an APB out on me. She did it just for spite is my suspicion. Just to teach one of the slaves that this is what happens to you when you dare question your masters. The other lesson learned from this is that your friendly tax supported public libraries are not only in the business of electronic book burning with their Internet filtering they are now in the Brown Shirt business. It seems that the ID I provided to get online was used surreptitiously to run an NCIC warrant and wants check on me. I assure you that the next time I visit a public library it will be a time for me to be surreptitious also and do something perhaps like urinating on one of their books and putting it back on the shelf and seeing how long it takes them to find it.

I also learned that law enforcement has a collective IQ of maybe 50 if they are lucky. If the Marshalls service or whoever put out the APB on me wanted me for some legitimate reason they had my cell phone number and my cell phone was on and contains a GPS chip. Alternately the Marshfield storm troopers could have made a phone call to whoever issued the warrant and gotten my phone number and called me on my cell phone rather than performing an armed assault on the library. This is the law enforcement that we have 10 years after 9/11 with billions of dollars spend on training and tools for them to more effectively fight terrorism. Instead of law enforcement it seems to me that they are in the business of training brown shirts that will someday rat you and I out for either having a bible a gun or some other item the new world order prohibits. Nor are they at war with terrorists they are at war with anyone that dares point it out when they violate the law or believe in the Constitution. As I am sure you already know law enforcement is at war with you and I.

Let’s forward a few days to Sunday December 27th.
I am in my van at the town square in Marshfield using WiFi from the coffee shop to check my email. I hear a voice to my left and glance out and see a storm trooper about 30 feet away, that has a 12 gauge shotgun leveled at my head and another has what looks like a .223 rifle probably an AR15. I get out and lay on my belly on the 20 degree street all the while informing Barney Fife and company that I am not the guy they are looking for and that this really looks like a law suit to me. While I was laying on the ground handcuffed they made another mockery of justice in that they made a quick look around my van with the legal pretense that they were looking for weapons that I could use to harm them with. While doing so this yoyo turned his back on me and if I had, had a pistol down the back of my pants or in an ankle holster I could have shot him as they had not even checked me thoroughly for weapons at all. I informed him of his error but he seemed unconcerned. I hope he has his life insurance paid up with an attitude like that. Perhaps we will be lucky enough to read about him some day on the Darwin Awards site.

Before they took me to the Sherriff’s office just across the street they asked for permission to search the van that they had already looked at. I was at this point thinking clearly enough to deny them permission.
After a short time in the jail I was told by what I thought to be a detective storm trooper that I was free to go after all he had done was to see my drivers license and check it out. They then began their psych-op on me using the good cop bad cop technique. These guys being the beneficiaries of various MK Ultra operations such as the one that tortured children at an orphanage in Canada, were very good at what they are trained to do. They lied me and asked me if I wanted to “get this thing cleared up?” They inferred that giving them my digital fingerprints would do the magical trick. I gave them my finger prints, a mug shot from 3 angles, my local address, and my cell phone number by the time they were through with me.

When the information came back from the finger print check they closed the door so that I could no longer hear. I surmise that is the part where they put me on a terrorist watch list because I believe in the Constitution and read the bible. Isn’t this what we pay these guys for?

I was relentless in my questioning as to how the finger print check was going to change things. They finally got tired of me asking, and admitted that they thought that I was homeless and just wanted to check me out so they lied to me to get me to comply. They also let me know that this changed nothing as far as "clearing things up". Once an APB is put out, even though we can send men to the moon, the storm troopers do not see it fit to design a mechanism into them to negate or recall them. Therefore it is conceivable that I could go through the same guns being pointed at my head tomorrow in Marshfield. If I were to go to another town say Springfield the likely hood of that happing again goes way up. If I were to go to a library to use the Internet in another town the likely hood of that happening again approaches even odds. What a wonderful free country we live in!

I now live in fear. I am afraid to go to town to get on the Internet. I find myself taking the battery out of my cell phone when I travel. I wonder if now that they know where I live if they will come in the night to take me away? (Like they practiced at the G20 in Pittsburgh.) I keep a weapon by my bed now. I am thinking of moving even though I have nowhere to go. I have business that needs taken care of in Springfield but am afraid to go there.

Do you think I over react? I have spent over half of my adult life homeless and have been raped by law enforcement on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. This is just one of many indignities, the latest being raped by the storm troopers in Marshfield MO that pose as law enforcement. I wonder how many other Americans were raped by the airing of this show?

FYI if you see criminal police behaviour report it here:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why are the Churches silent?

Are you familiar with the biblical story of the money changers in the temple? Like most Christians you probably answered yes.

You like many Christians are intimately familiar with the stories in the bible, but on the other hand are ignorant of how these concepts are relevant and apply to the modern day world.

It is my strong opinion that the clergy has done a pitiful job in educating their congregations on how concepts in the bible apply to the modern world, particularly in the political and economic realms. Perhaps this is because the clergy themselves are woefully uneducated in these disciplines.

Well it is time to educate both the clergy and the congregations...

To understand the bible, one must understand how biblical concepts integrate into the modern day world as these concepts are meaningless in isolation.

Let us start with the money changers. If local business men were to operated like the money changers it would go very much like this:

Larry is in the business of selling hay. When Larry sells hay he always offers to store the hay in his barn until the customer needs the hay. Larry is not dumb there is a method to his madness.

Lets say that Larry bails 200 bails for Gordon. Gordon pays for all 200 bails but only takes delivery of 100. Larry is then left with 100 bails in his barn belonging to Gordon.

Another farmer Jake, needs 900 bales to trade as payment for some land. Jake is in effect going to borrow 900 bales of hay off of Larry in order to buy some land.

Jake trusts Larry so instead of taking delivery of the hay from Larry he takes a paper receipt for 900 bales of hay in Larry's barn, (which by the way we know do not exist). Jake then trades this receipt to the seller in payment for the land. Larry by the way holds the title of the land until over a 20 year period Jake pays Larry back in hard cold cash for the hay (that never existed) before he gets title to his land.

The situation now is that Gordon has receipts for 100 bales of hay. The land seller has receipts for 900 bales of hay. There are receipts for 1,000 bales of hay, yet there are only 100 bales in Larry barn! Larry and his fellow hay sellers have been able to pull this scam off most of the time by the simple fact that everyone does not want their hay at the same time and that if they ever come up short they will loan each other hay from their barns to cover up the shortfall and their fraudulent business practices.

Every couple of decades when their business's fail as they inevitably do, they walk away with the profits. Their customers losing all of their hay that they thought was in the barn. Or baring that, they have the tax payers pay the customers for the hay that Larry and his friends defrauded their customers out of. Larry and his friends are NEVER prosecuted for fraud because they bought off the politicians to pass laws making this type of conduct LEGAL in the hay making business. They also had laws written in their behalf making it so hard to get into the hay making business that only a few of Larry's closest friends are able to get into the hay making business. You or I obviously could never be allowed to profit by this scam, and as moral men and women I would hope that you would not want to do so.

Nineteen years go by and the economy gets bad (which by the way was orchestrated by Larry and will be explained at another time.) and Jake loses his job and is unable to make the repayments to Larry for the hay that never existed. Larry then takes possession of Jakes land, which represents 19 years of Jakes labors.

Would you not think that in light of this that there are dozens of moral and ethical implications that need to be addressed? This my friend is exactly how modern day money-changing/banking works! (It is a fact that is not debatable and can be verified by referring to any text on economics.)

Money changers are the one thing that got the ire of Jesus. Don't you think that modern day money changers deserves your ire also? If you would like to learn more I suggest that you watch the video “The money masters.”

You might also ask your preacher why he has not discussed this. If he can not answer this then perhaps you should find another church.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can Christians really read?

What part of "Thou shalt not steal" do Christians not understand? It seems pretty self evident and yet I have only met a handful that even try to follow it.

Let's say that I told you that I was going over to Johns house because I knew he was out of town and I wanted to steal his brand new PC. The only thing was that my car was not running and that I needed a ride? Would you give me a ride?

OK then why when politicians PROMISE to steal (i.e. that is part of their party platform) do Christians have no problem voting for them and enabling them to steal from their neighbors?

If for some reason you have been living under a rock the party platform and beliefs for both the Republicans and Democrats is a carbon copy of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. In other words a document espousing socialism and stealing.

Follow this other analogy:
You have a large life savings and will depend upon it to live the rest of your life. Unbeknownst to you I counterfeit the currency and make your saving almost worthless.
Have I stolen from you?

Now let's look at what happens when a Christian borrows money from a so called bank.
The very first thing the banker does is counterfeit money and hand it over to you. In other words your action of borrowing money has caused money to be counterfeited, which is the definition of inflation. You have also caused your neighbors savings to be worth less and you have stolen from them.

This is black and white stuff folks. Give it some thought. That is if you are capable of thought after your government school indoctrination.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Unrelenting march to tyranny

Start paying attention folks the government is not going to advertise in the paper when the end is near.

Consider the following: In the last few months bricks of 22 ammunition have almost disappeared from the market place. Reasonably priced bulk foods have a 3 month waiting list before they are shipped. The latest important shortage that I have noticed is rock phosphate. Even though the US has huge reserves of this mineral it has mysteriously been disappearing from the market place. Believe me this is not happening by accident. Starving a population into submission is a method of tyrants as old as the hills.

Take your heads out of the sand and do whatever it takes because the end is coming don't let the incrementalism fool you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finding land: a must use resource

It's sort of embarrassing, but having used the Internet for almost 15 years and computers for 30 years I did not know about the USDA Web Soil Survey. This is a database of the soils of every county of every state in the United States on a square foot by square foot basis.

The way I found this out was when I moved to Missouri recently. The 160 acres I stay on has rock about 4 inches down on a lot of the property. This makes it somewhat hard to grow root crops in a crop rotation. Just up the road a guy moved in from California and bought 12 acres. The soil on almost the entire farm is a spectacular deep loam. The price he paid for this land was also in line with what people are paying for really lousy soil in the rest of the county.

He tells me that only 4% of the soil in this county is good farm land and that at any one time that only 5% of the land is for sale. I want to share his secret with you and wish I had known about it earlier.

I can't teach you all the ins and out of the site but if you go to:

You will be amazed at the information that you can find out about the soil in a particular area. You too can find absolutely beautiful soil even in areas that are not known for good soil by using this tool.

Good Luck!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The homeless: thinking outside the box.

I guess with all the fluoride in the water, the biased media, and the indoctrination handed out in government indoctrination centers called schools, that it is understandable that the American public can not add 2+2 even when the answer is directly in front of their faces.

If you have not been living in a cave you will have read about the tent cities in many places around the country most prominently California. The answer to this dilemma is not rocket science folks! One answer is right in front of your face.

The problem is as is the solution to many problems is that the solution has been legislated as illegal by special interest groups.

Give up?

Let me give you a hint: Two days ago I rented a 10'x20' storage locker for a grand total of $50 a month.

Yup like most things in life the solution is very simple. It is your prejudices and brain washing that keeps you from seeing it. My 10'x20' storage locker is not only larger but better constructed than homes that I have seen in third world countries housing whole families. I can also tell you that living in one would be a hell of a step up from the Eureka tent that I have been living in for the past 2 years.

You city folks that don't have a clue may ask about water, heat, bathing, waste disposal, cooking, etc.

Again this is not rocket science and are issues that man has taken care of no matter how poor they are for thousands of years: A bucket with a lid makes a rest room and provides a valuable commodity that in China is often bought and paid for. Water can be hauled or delivered. Heating, bathing, and cooking can be taken care of with a small single burner camp stove or even by the use of local wood.

No you might not want to live like this. But in times of hardship it is called living within ones means, and taking care of oneself. Instead in the modern US the solution is socialism and the stealing of your neighbors resources. The bottom line to me is that this whole system is created to make bankers rich.

Think about it. Why can't you add 2+2? Why do you go along with stealing from your neighbors and enriching bankers as the only viable solution to a simple problem?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Questionable people will be there in your search for other Patriots

Okalahoma warning: wanna' be patriots - John and Carrie Milandred

During my 6 month journey looking for a homestead, I have run across some very questionable Patriots. I guess it is not surprising that we are as much a cross section of society as any other group. There are the criminals, the mentally ill, and the truly evil. Not long ago I ran across a couple that I would put in all three of these categories. They have spread disinformation and lies, and I am posting the following to set the record straight and also to let you decide for yourself if you should shun these characters:

They go by the pseudonym John and Carrie Milandred and run a web site called They have an 8 year old daughter Alicia. I believe that Carries real last name is Milanoski but am not sure if that is her maiden name or if that is in fact Johns real last name. Anyhow there is a Carrie Milanoski that is the registered owner of a 10 acre parcel, (located 2.9 miles North of Rt. 70 on the East side of the 4420 road) in the Choctaw county court house in Hugo OK.

I had many indications that this couple was not the most savory or stable. One thing that stood out was that not a single day went by when both parents did not make it clear to their daughter that she was “dumb and stupid”. Yes they used those exact words. John also seemed to have a fixation with killing someone. Anyone it seems. He would often cite a new OK law that according to him would allow him kill anyone on “his” land and seemed to take delight in repeating this to me on many occasions.

Things came to a head one day when John said he needed a word with me. It turns out that he had a problem with a post that I had made on the Oklahoma Preppers network the day beforehand. In this article I had articulated the benefits of voluntarily working together on a communal homestead. John M., the patriot, and defender of the Constitution, had a real problem with my free speech. He told me that his friends from the preppers network had deleted my article and that if I posted anything like it again, that my account would be deleted also. He continued to work his way into a frenzy, balling his fists, spittle escaping from his lips. Screaming the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me” a few times. The complete and utter picture of a mad man. He continued yelling and screaming at me calling me a socialist (Coming from a man that sends his daughter to government socialist schools.) and a communist. (I was tempted to ask him to differentiate between socialism and communism but because I knew he did not have a clue as to the difference, I bit my lip and said nothing.)

He suggested that I no longer belonged there. Which I took to mean that he was going to renege on the deal to sell me part of his acreage. I was leery from the beginning of his solemn pledge that they would never ever kick anyone onto the street and off his land and that we were all in this struggle together. Yea right….

The next day John acted as if nothing had happened. Toward the end of the day he apologised in a round about way and invited me to dinner. Later in the evening before we ate, I had to go back to my camp which was near the neighbours Paul and Annette’s camp. Paul had mentioned that he could not get Annette up to come to dinner so I ventured yelling a “Are you up?” to Annette. She responded and I informed her that we were about to eat and that she should come and eat. I left to walk back when I passed Paul who very angrily told me that it was not my place to wake his wife. (I kept my mouth shut reminding my self just how dysfunctional this band of people had turned out to be, that this was some sort of Neanderthal tribe and that talking to another mans wife was a dangerous action.)

Back at John and Carries I was verbally accosted by Carrie who informed me that “she had told me not to wake Annette” apparently she thought that she was talking to her 8 year old daughter who must take her every utterance as a royal command. The next thing she did was just completely off the wall to say the least: She formulated what to me at the time was an ambiguous question about women’s rights. I answered yes. She then repeated herself asking again. To which I answered yes. I guess it was the wrong answer as she was immediately in my face, instantly turned into a mad demon possessed as I had seen her husband John do the day before. Here was a Patriot wanna’ be ( a defender of the Constitution) in my face yelling and screaming and telling me that she was going to kick my ass all because I had answered a question in a manner not to her liking. (So much for the first Amendment.) I responded by asking her to calm down and that she must have misunderstood me. She was not even remotely rational and just got more upset at that.

Carrie went inside and was calming down her daughter that she had understandably upset. John and Paul both then started badgering me, telling me (as he often does his daughter) how stupid I was, for answering the question the wrong way. He kept getting more and more worked up and yelled to his daughter to go get “mommy’s gun.” I am not sure how he got the 40 cal Glock in his hands but he was waving it in my face telling me to get off his property. I told him that I need a few hours at least to load all my stuff up.

I guess he expected me to soil myself but instead I reached for the gun telling him to get it the hell out of my face. That really angered him and he pushed me down screaming that if I was not off of his property in an hour that he or his wife would “shoot me”.

I was out of there in a matter of minutes. I called 911 and headed to the closest place of safety that I knew. The Alibi just a bit east on Rt. 70. Well it turns out that the Choctaw Country Sheriffs would not come to the Alibi as it was in the neighboring county. I had to wait to the next day to file a criminal report and another day to be escorted back to get my belongings.

I have 2 observations to make: One is that some of the so called Patriots within our midst are at least as much a threat to us and our liberties as our enemies and we need to learn to identify and avoid them. There is still good and evil in this world and just because someone calls themselves a patriot does not mean that they are not on the side of evil.

The second is that there are 2 levels of justice in this country:

If some one had threatened to harm the president, by launching marshmallows at Washington from 2,000 miles away, the threat would have been deemed credible and it would have been checked out.

Yet the Choctaw County Sheriff does not consider the unprovoked waiving a gun in a mans face and threatening to murder him, as something that is worthy of serious investigation. In fact I am told that the clowns at the sheriff’s office lost the criminal complaint that I made.

Take this for what it is worth. I will not publicly dignify any of John or Carries rantings with a rebuttal or answer. They are masters of deception which is one reason that I published this account. Feel free to privately contact me if you have any questions about the circumstances surrounding this incident.

*** UPDATE November 2014
Just saw John Milandred in Doomsday Preppers season 3 episode 1 - it looks like this violent mentally unstable con artist has conned his way onto a ranch in FL.   You have been warned....

For the record I think John was opposed to the gallows because he realized that he was the most likely person to be hung.


I WOOF for a living I want to warn other WWOOFers about someone to avoid. This information is about a Carolyn Skaggs of 407 Rocky Hill Lane Niangua MO 65713 417-859-4644

It was last Monday, July 5th I believe, that Carolyn came home. Let me regress and tell you that Carolyn has some sort of psychiatric problem and is seeing a psychiatrist and last year was charged with pulling a knife on a neighbour.

To get back to the story I must have said something that she disliked because she got within a few inches of my face and started yelling and screaming that she was going to kick my ass and that she was also going to have her brother kick my ass. I responded that she was not acting in a very Christian manner. She went totally nuts over this and I will not repeat everything that she said but the bottom line for this was that I could no longer live there, because I said that she was not acting in a Christian manner.

The next day Ray, her husband told me that I could have 30 days to find another place and get out. (I had been there for 7 months and had lots of belongings there.) She also went ballistic over this. I found the beet and turnip soups that I have made dumped in the yard that day. That night I discovered that she had been in my room, had unplugged all of my devices, cut the phone line that belonged to me, and had taken back my pillow and covers.

The next morning I decided that she was beyond nuts and removed most of my belongings from the room. It was then that I noticed that an expensive digital PH meter was missing and she was the only person that had been in my room. In fact I caught her in there on a regular basis.

I was not a happy camper but I had been biting my tongue and turning the other cheek until the next incident when she called me and told me that she had removed the rest of my belongings and that a new guy was living in my room. (Really the 2nd new guy, there was one after me that inconvenienced her and only lasted 24 hours.) (I thought Ray’s word was his bond but I was wrong, so much for the promise of a Christian these days. In most states it is also a binding contract.)

That was when I decided I would let the public know what kind of person Carolyn is:

If you like to cook go elsewhere to WWOOF:
Her kitchen is filled with roaches large and small. Every morning there are a few drowned in the sink and in glasses. She does not know what a screen door is and the kitchen is full of flies and there are usually many dead ones in the sink water. The worse things however are the 2 cat liter boxes near the kitchen that are rarely cleaned. A few times when I forgot to breath out of my mouth I began to regurgitate from the smell. The kitchen is also full of cigarette smoke and smell because she smokes. This is not a kitchen you want to cook in.

She frequents the Chinese’s restaurant on the Square in Marshfield and there she always steals egg rolls for herself and some chicken for her cats. She must think everyone is stupid and blind because I am sure the owners see her do it every time. I mention this because she will claim she did not steal from me but by my own eyes I see her steal every time she went to the Chinese restaurant. Does this not speak of her credibility?

In closing I hated to write this but I did so because I wish some one had warned me about her. She has cost me hundreds of dollars in unexpected expenses (Not including what was stolen.) and made me homeless by doing so. I hope that in writing this that her behaviour is curtailed and that there is less likelihood of her treating someone else in this manner. She did not expect sometimes there are consequences for your actions if she had perhaps she would have not acted in such a hateful, childish, and criminal manner.