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Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Cops and other urban legends.

Good Cops and other urban legends.

Several times during rants of mine about law enforcement, I have had friends refer to so called "good cops" in response to what they see as my unfair demonization of cops. Having thought this over for several months I have come to the conclusion that "good cop" is an oxymoron. A form of Orwellian double speak that would make George proud.

First lets look at the laws that these so called "good cops" enforce. You have a God given right of self preservation yet if you carry a concealed firearm without a permission slip from the government the "good cop" will arrest you and charge you with a felony. Most every other law on the books is either the outright criminalisation of God given inalienable rights or the conversion of them to permissions that you must ask your owner, the state, for permission to partake in.

Take the right to travel for instance. Do you think that George Washington had a permission slip, called a driver license, that gave him permission to operate his horse? Do you think that he paid a fee to register his horse with the king or hung a plate on his horses rear? Or was forced to buy an insurance policy, from a state protected monopoly, to cover damages that his horse may cause? Or that he would have submitted to agents of the king stopping him without cause to give him a field sobriety test to test for some arbitrary level of competence?

Would Thomas Jefferson had stood for federal agents raiding his hemp plantation and confiscating Monticello without even charging him with a crime, or a trial using so called "forfeiture laws"?

Would Patrick Henry have paid large fees and submitted plans to get a permission slip from the king in order to build his home? Would he have stood by, when the king destroyed his "un-permitted" home or arrested him for residing in it?

Does "Give me Liberty of Give me Death!" Mean anything any longer? Or is it just a worn out platitude from a bygone era?

The list could go on for days and days. The laws that so called "good cops" enforce go way beyond the tyranny and usurpation's that caused our founding fathers to revolt against the crown.

There are a few such so called "good cops" in the patriot movement. One claims to be a supporter of the Constitution and yet he admits to performing arrests upon citizens for the non-crime of putting substances into their bodies that our owners have not given us permission to partake in. I have NOT heard this persons admit to the error of his ways or apologize in any way for his past behavior, yet he is held in high esteem in the patriot community despite his past tyrannical,unconstitutional behavior. The person that I am referring to is Officer Jack McLamb. While I have a lot of respect for what he has done for the patriot community, that in my mind does not excuse his past behavior and I believe that we should hold our own to a higher standard than we hold the enemy to.

So Jack, if you are reading this, I eagerly wait to hear how you now feel about your violating the inalienable rights of your fellow citizens.

Let me ask you defenders of "good cops", what you would do if it were UN soldiers, or Chinese troops, rather than US Law enforcement violating your God given rights with reckless abandon? I submit to you that you would do your best to ensure that those foreigners infringing upon your rights came to room temperature ASAP. This IMHO is also an appropriate though not politically correct response to "good cops" that are attempting to do the identical thing.

The insanity has gotten to the point that we daily have You Tube videos of cops beating people and then turning around and charging the victims with assaulting the police! Societies answer to this? To make it a felony to video or photograph the police! Please take the red pill folks!

For the life of me I don't get the people that think there is such a thing as a good cop. They just don't exist.  Would this mythical good cop not arrest me for having a concealed hand gun without Caesar's  permission slip? Or an automatic weapon or explosives without Caesar's permission?
Would he arrest  me for a pound of pot or making meth-amphetamine? Would he steal from me because I do not have a permission slip to drive or carry insurance? Would he force me off my land if I did not get the permission slips to build my home?  

Can you honestly tell me that there is a single cop in the United States that  would not enforce the above and in the process violate the Constitution and my God given inalienable rights? Maybe there are cops better than others but good cops... that is a laughable proposition.

In case you think I am  off the wall, delusional, or excessive, consider the fact that my great grandfather lived in a country where he was free to do all of the above and more.

FYI if you see criminal police behavior report it here: