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Friday, December 24, 2010

Vermont nulifies s510 the "food safety bill"

The state of Vermont has drafted legislation that nullifies the "Patriot act of food" -  the  United Nations Codex Alimentarius, a preview of what the New World order has in store for us.

I ask ....What the heck is wrong with the incompetent bums in  Jefferson city?  Do they think that God given agricultural freedoms are unimportant in a state that has more farms than any other state in the union? Do these guys live on another planet or what? Are they just going to sit on their overpaid posteriors and let this United Nations dictated abomination enslave the people of Missouri?

Also what is wrong with the press in this state?  Their job historically has not been to lie in bed with politicians but rather to hold their feet to the fire.  As far as I can see the newspapers here are only useful for what the Soviet citizens delegated issues of Pravda for. It is ironic that today that  Pravda does a much better job of reporting than the Missouri media. Have you read it lately?
It's quite good if you want to find out what is happening in Amerika.

Why don't we have a plethora of online newspapers filling this gap and dereliction of duty of the Missouri press? Has everyone but myself taken the blue pill?

What stance has your local sheriff and his merry band of men taken on this abomination called s510?
Does he even have the intelligence and gonads to realise that the FDA can not operate in his county without his permission? He is after all the highest law enforcement officer in the country and can arrest any federal agent violating citizens rights in his county. If your sheriff is not even educated as to the powers and responsibilities of the office I suggest you elect another one that does.  Is there a way to recall  treasonous sheriffs?

Get on the ball sheeple of Amerika. Politics is not and never ever will be a spectators sport.
And if you think voting or pleading with politicians will ever change anything I have an ocean front property in Niagua for sale. Politicains are your empolyees and your servants and it's about time that you let them all know in uncertain terms that you understand this relationship and if they do not that they had better find other employment.

Lastly educate yourself check out Sherrif Macks site and the 10th amendment center:

Laws do not give us back our rights!

When it comes to rectifying lost rights,

For one it means that we have to wait sometimes years for justice.
And then we depend on the idiots that created the problem in the first place so solve it.
Does that  make any sense?
This approach also infers that government through legislation gives us rights. We are born with all rights! A law can only impinge upon rights so let's reject the idiotic idea of laws to give us back what we already posses.
If you buy into the idea that government can give you back a right, then you also buy into the idea that they can take rights away.  Are we really that stupid and gullible? Obviously so.

A major flaw in the US Constitution is that it depends on Government branches to regulate the misdeeds of other branches. This is a flawed view of how things really work.  I think the real answer is to institute control of government by the people into the Constitution.
I would like to see the institution of  citizen grand juries created,  that are able to indite ANYONE what violates an Americans Inalienable rights. The right of Jury nullification should also be ensured at the Constitutional level along with making it a crime to selectively pick a jury. (They call it  Voir Dire - I call it jury tampering.)

We also need to get rid of  many so called civil matters. For instance: In family matters unelected bureaucrats can come and take your child with no due process or trial.  We need to insure in stronger language that everyone is entitled to a jury trial in EVERY matter.

In my world view CPS workers that take children with no due process should be indicted by civilian grand juries on treason charges with the possibility upon conviction of execution. In my world view most government officials if they did not change their present behaviour would face a similar fate.

In the near term nullification by your county sheriff and state legislature may be a good way to mitigate the tyranny coming out of the District of Criminals. Make your voices heard. But please do anything other than clamouring for your owners to give you back a right. It's not very dignified to say the least.

In Liberty
Thom Jefferson


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Response to a Child Protective Services lover....

Bills comment:  I see this a little differently I guess.  I see a worker doing her job. She asked and received all the right questions and the case was disposed of.  Like the man says it was a friend of his that made the complaint there must have been something in the fathers behaviour that made the complainant think he was some type of nut.  The law states that once a complaint is made (any complaint)it must be investigated.  In recent past if child protective services had done their job as well as this lady did a child would have been spared years of sexual abuse by kidnappers.

Inalienable rights responded:

Well I see this differently also Bill.
It's apparent to me at least, that the controlled media and government schools have made sure that most people just accept what they are told.    i.e. CPS is good - end of story

Just doing your job is the excuse the guards used at Auschwitz to justify what they had done. It is no excuse when what you are doing is wrong. Everything that Hiltler, Stalin, and Mao did was legal and "the law" in their countries.

We have something in this country called the  4th amendment that protects against unreasonable searches.
Is the hear say word of a neighbour saying someone has a bug out bag probable cause that a crime has been committed? No way in hell!  I have family that fought and died for that 4th amendment and trampling it in the dirt like this is very disturbing!  A thing about rights... you use them or  lose them.

The Constitution also guarantees us trial by jury. But guess what? When the government wants to mess with your most precious possession - your children, unelected bureaucrats without any due process act like our gods and just take them with no Constitutional due process at all. In the "land of the free" you can get a jury trial for a speeding ticket but not if the state decides to kidnap your children!

I will keep the rest short but I suggest that you do your due diligence on the following:

A book "the Franklin cover-up"

Links organised child abuse right to the steps of our capital and was written by former US senator.

A movie about this was made and scheduled to air on the Discovery channel and right before it was to air pressure from Washington caused them to cancel it and destroy most copies of the show.

Here is a YouTube of a retired FBI agent testifying to this fact:

A US defence contractor in eastern Europe, DynCorp   - had it's employees caught owning young girls as sex slaves.  Guess what DynCorp is up to these days?

They are private contractors that run CPS in many states.

One last observation. I have know 4 women that were taken into state CPS custody in their youth. Every single one of them was raped while in state custody!
Another inexcusable thing that they do is to put an inordinate number of children in their custody on psychotropic drugs. If all of this is not frightening enough these organisation just "lose" hundreds of children on a regular basis and there is no accountability. In one infamous incident Florida DCF lost 3,000 children one year. Can you imagine this happening to you?  Just losing your child with no questions asked?

I urge all reading this to quit drinking the cool aide and to start thinking for yourself.

Inalienable Rights

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why does law enforcement in Marshfied MO make itself our enemy?

It used to be that law enforcement in this country was looked up to and respected. Seems like forever does it not? There was also a time when we the people were law enforcement. How is that you ask? Is that not Vigilantism?
LOL ----- Hell no!

Well where do you think law enforcement gets it's powers? Is it not from "We the people" delegating certain powers that WE HAVE to government? Most people have been brain washed in government schools and by the controlled media to think other wise. The truth is that "We the people" are sovereign and that any power that government claims to have, has to first be one that "We the people" have, and secondly it has to be explicitly delegated to government by us for government to posses that power.

Where am I going with this?
I am going to relate a few recent incidents where local Webster County Missouri law enforcement were the criminals instead of being the protectors of my rights as they were created to do. (And also swore an oath to God and the Constitution to uphold.)

You can search an earlier post of mine for more details but the combined police and sheriffs department here a few months back executed an illegal, false felony arrest on me. They pointed a shot gun and an AR15 at my head. (Not to mention other officers with service revolvers.) What would have happened to them if they had shot and killed me? You read the press.... Nothing other than a few days of paid leave until their own biased department cleared them.

What the cops failed to do was due diligence. A week earlier I had called "Americas Most Wanted" and cleared up the fact that I was not Paul Merhige

I am 20 years older than him and look nothing like him. The bottom line being that anyone other than employees of an incompetent government agency would face severe civil and possibly criminal penalties for not doing due diligence and finding out the APB was null and void. Nor should the civil penalties be paid by you the tax payer. They should be paid by the officer who committed the offence. In other words these law enforcement people should be broke, out of a job, and homeless on the street. This would not even begin to compensate me for the nightmares and sleepless nights that this incident has caused me.

Last month I caught a person in the act of letting air out of my tires in this same town. The local police refused to press any charges stating that they would not know what to charge them with. This same Cop however informed me that he would arrest me if I let the air out of his cruisers tires. It seems like there is one set of laws for the slaves and another for our masters.

Very recently I was moving out of a place where I rented a room. The room mate became violent and I called 911. I told the officer (and it is in the police report) that I said much of my belongings were still in the house and that I wanted to remove them. The room mate told them that I had removed everything. Is this not the crime of theft that should be investigated?
Hell no according to the people that we pay to protect our rights! All the room mate had to say was that I owed him money and all of a sudden this theft became civil. The police would do nothing and told me that I had to pursue "civil" action, which I could neither afford nor was there any resolution there.

I have 2 very real problems with the above scenario. One is that I could have went right back into that house since it takes 30 days to evict someone for non-payment of rent. Are they telling me then that my room-mate without any due process could have taken my tooth brush, all of my clothes, my food, my bibles, even my bed and let me sleep on the floor al because he alleges that I owe him money? The second huge problem I have is that even if this money were owed, it was not past due. In fact I had always paid rent on the 4th and this was the 3rd. Even on the 4th it would not be past due until the 5th! In effect this criminal cop (And the criminal DA that backed him up.) aided and abetted in the theft of my personal property for an alleged debt BEFORE the debt even became due! This cop and this DA IMHO belong in jail as they are no different than the street thugs that hold you up or break into your home to steal in the middle of the night!

In another incident the same room-mate committed criminal assault on me. He threatened to break my jaw and I got the incident recorded on my cell phone. The police had to be badgered to even take a report and then they would only agree to charge him with disturbing the peace. A far far cry from misdemeanor or felony assault. To add insult to injury it seems that they are not going to serve this person at all. Because I am just your average Joe and not someone politically connected in this town. The cop did talk down to me and asked if I were not the homeless guy that had lived in a storage locker!

*UPDATE on the above assault charges: They finally decided to press some very much less serious charges.   The astonishing (well maybe not - this is government after all) thing was the threatening letter from the Marshfield Police department, that if I, the injured party, did not show up for their kangaroo court that a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Let that sink in for a moment!

I also spoke with a detective in town about the selling and buying of stolen goods in the home that I had just vacated. What did this protector of my liberties then do? He went right to them exposing that I had talked to him and putting my life and property in danger. Words can not convey my loathing for this so called public servant.

This was not just one isolated incident of law enforcement making an honest mistake. No I have related 5 separate incidences of these so called peace officers spitting on the Constitution and my rights. This is business as usual and the MO for these criminals with badges. How many more hundreds or even thousands of times have they done the same to others?

To wrap it up I feel violated. I feel raped and the rapist was so called law enforcement. I am not sure who to despise more - so called law enforcement or the criminals.

In Liberty!
Thom Jefferson

FYI if you see criminal police behaviour report it here:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tired of buying my God given rights!

If you have followed this blog you are aware of my distrust of law enforcement. IMHO it is not hard to determine who to fear the most, the criminals, or the cops. A hint: you can shoot and protect yourself against one class of criminal but not the other.

In the past 18 months I have had people that I have lived with turn out be common criminals and steal from me. You are probably shocked that I am so naive that this would happen. I guess I am. I expect people to do unto others..... and that I guess is naive.

The reason it happens is MUCH more shocking...

We have a government that steals  at least 50% of what we all earn -- and it does nothing to earn it's keep. In fact it does the exact opposite. Law enforcement IS part of the criminal element. It does not protect us, instead it is the thing to be feared as it works hand in hand with criminals to ensure that they continue to thrive. The more that crime grows the more tax money the law enforcement thugs steal from us. So what do you think is in their best interest: growing crime or falling crime?

Let me continue my story:

18 months ago in Oklahoma I had an individual steal a large amount of personal property from me.
He was very slick and much more articulate than myself. As a result of his being so convincing, the local OK sheriff outright lied and fabricated a story because he was convinced that I was the criminal. To the cops the end usually justifies the means.

As a result my insurance was canceled and they denied the theft claim. I guess you should expect such behavior from a class of people (cops) that the courts have ruled that it is a crime to lie to -- but conversely it is OK and even encouraged that they lie to you. (Reread this statement and it should shock you.)

More recently in Missouri, I had another room-mate decide that he was going to steal a large part of my belongings again. Books, bibles, food, clothes, cooking utensils, and much more.
The police call this crime a civil matter. I really don't care what they call it. We all know what it is. It is a CRIME! Anyway they refuse to do anything at all. They call this crime civil and wash their hands of the matter. You get no justice. They tell you that you can take it to small claims court but even that information must be pried out of them as they tell you at the court house that they can not practice law and that unless you can afford an attorney you are  screwed and will not even help you in this matter at all even though we pay their salaries. In addition you must come up with filing fees to buy your rights from the government that steals 50% of what you make. Then to add insult to injury even if you win they tell you that you are again screwed when you win and want to collect. Only they the criminal government exercise that power when it benefits them in such cases as child support. God forbid they would use that power to a slaves benefit.

This same person that I am speaking of was involved in dealing with stolen goods and drugs. I spoke with a detective about this. The SOB immediately went to the person that I had turned in and put my life in danger. (Is it a wonder no one trusts the cops?)

To add insult to injury the slave (us) has to come up with money to buy their rights .....

I want a PFA (protection from abuse in most states.) against this individual and again I can only get it if I have enough left over after the state steals 50% of what I make and the criminals that they support steal much of the rest. (Reread this one too.)

Also I would like to purchase another right.... and that is the right to defend myself. Here in Missouri they call it a concealed carry permit. It comes at a very high price and they will not SELL that God given right to a homeless person no matter what. You need an address to purchase that God given right. I hope to have and address soon but that will preclude having the money to buy my God given right to self defense.

Think about what I have laid out here... this is the society that that the average American has created and supports and it makes me physically ill.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The need for local online Missouri newspapers could not be greater.

We have come from a point in this country where Americans were getting most of their news from ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news to the point now where these organizations are on the verge of bankrupsy because people are not watching them. We now get our news on the Internet. This scares the daylights out of the powers that be and they are currently in the process of trying to pass laws that will destroy the Internet as we know it.

I find something very obvious missing from the news mix on the Internet. Once your attention is drawn to it, it becomes the elephant in the living room. Why may I ask you does not every small town, hamlet, and burro have a local online paper that is not under the control of large cooperate interest?

Have you observed like me outrage after outrage in your local community and finding that it is never ever reported on by the local paper? I have been living in Marshfield MO for a very short time and I have witnessed the following which have not been reported by the local press and most likely never will be:

The local library here in Marshfield takes public funds yet it discriminates against a large percentage of the patrons by limiting the use of half of its computers to a certain class of people. Would you not be upset if others that use public funds such as say the post office had windows that were limited to a certain class of citizens? Or if the courthouse when you went in to do business rationed services to one class of citizens and not others?

Well if you are below a certain age you have the choice of any computer in the Marshfield Library. If you are above that age you have the choice of only using approximately half of the computers. They even enforce this when the kids are all in school and half of the computers are sitting empty!

If they are allowed to use public funds and discriminate against those that pay the bills then I would guess that they could also have “White Only” computers. Do you see any difference? I don’t.

My second issue with this library is that they are using pre prepared book burning lists. They have software that prevents patrons from going to arbitrarily determined web sites. Again this library uses public funds and does the equivalent of electronic book burning.
In reality this amounts to the library enforcing political correctness on those using the library. There is a process to request that a site be made accessible but this is not good enough. It never should have been blocked in the first place! The two sites that I personally have run into being blocked were and Go take a look and you tell me whether a library taking my money to run their library should be blocking in effect what books I can read?

There is also another instance where those in Marshfield that think they own us have created 2 classes of citizens that they give different permissions to. And as usual these so called permissions are really rights they are brainwashing the public to accepting as permissions. In Marshfield if you happen to be a recognized organization you can post signs on public property. If you just happen to be a mere citizen though you are expected to begging your owners for permission to post your items on property that they tell you own. i.e. “Public property”

We have a farmers market here in Marshfield on Fridays. I hate to say this but it has to be the poorest market that I have ever attended. There was absolutely nothing there I wanted to purchase and I am a vegetarian! Why is this market so poor? Well I happened to attend the local startup meeting and observed local politics at its worst. A control freak who I will not mention by name wanted to run the market as a personal fiefdom, not an exercise in the free market and IMHO ruined it before it ever got off the ground. A truly independent local paper could report this and look into some solutions to forming a farmers market that actually works.

I was referred to the Jordan dental clinic in Marshfield. I am under the impression that it receives a lot of your tax money on the form of grants. I was told that they had sliding scale treatment for poor soles like myself. I discovered that sure they have a sliding scale, but first they jack their prices through the roof and then they discount them only 25%! After the 25% discount they are still the highest priced place in town to get a crown! Total cost will be over $700! Needless to say something in Denmark stinks to high heaven. If outright illegalities are not occurring the outright immorality of it should get your attention.

There are other local organizations that purport to help the homeless that suck up millions of your tax dollars and are doing next to nothing to help the homeless. Mainly they are helping themselves. I will this story for a series of articles in the first local paper that someone has the gonads to start.

Did you know that every time “Americas Most Wanted” airs that hundreds of innocent Americans have guns pointed at their heads? Not to mention the question why Americas Most Wanted never looks into cops that murder American citizens and they are never even charged with a crime? Do you know what happened to Ron Hortihuchi the FBI murderer that shot Vicky Weaver in the head while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge Idaho? Not only was he never charged with a crime, he went on to kill more Americans at the Waco TX massacre The same with the San Francisco cop that shot the hand cuffed kid in the back of the head on a You Tube video.

Well I was a victim of the Americas Most Wanted show. Even though 20 years older than the suspect, someone in Marshfield fingered me as the wanted man. I called the show and thought I had straightened the matter out. To make a long story short the Webster County Sheriffs did not bother with due diligence and checking their facts like mere mortals, that may be sued and held responsible for their misdeeds, do. On two occasions they went out to hunt me down. The final time I had a shotgun and a 223 rifle leveled at my head. After these thugs had determined that I was not the right person they lied through their teeth to me to get me to use their new toy: A digital finger print reader. (I am convinced of Hyaks thesis that the most evil and heinous people do not gravitate to being criminals, no they gravitate towards government.) These four Webster country public servants were sworn to uphold the law and the constitution but instead choose to lie to me, their boss. They all should be sued out of their undergarments but it seems that it is only us, the slaves are held accountable for anything. If you doubt that I was not seriously traumatized that evening then read this:

I could write a long article on the fact that Missouri is an open carry state yet the aforementioned thugs will break the law themselves and arrest you for one reason or another if you dare exercise your Constitutional or God given rights. Have you read much about this in your local corporate controlled paper?

As a homework assignment I ask you to Google “CAFR” i.e. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and see if you can learn something that your local governments finances that they do not want you to learn about. You will not hear about CAFR’s from reading your local paper that is for sure.

Did you know that Best Buy in Springfield if you choose not to show your receipt to them at the door will follow you out into the parking lot, take down your license plate number and run a psch-ops on you? OR that the corperate office condones this behavior?
Again you will NEVER read any of these stories in your local paper which is all the more reason to get on the ball and start up a local online paper. You might as well use the current local rags for what the soviets delegated Pravda to, and file them next to the toilet for appropriate disposal.

In Liberty!
Thom Jefferson

The Homeless: The solution is the problem.

I have been thinking of writing this piece about the homeless for many years now. On several occasions I have approached newspapers about reporting on the subject. After a while it became apparent, that the corporate owned and controlled media is not interested in anything that conflicts with their skewed and mythical world view. The last thing they want are facts, especially those from the horse’s mouth, as I have spent a good portion of my adult life being homeless. Recently the straw that broke the camels back was the cold shoulder I got from a Springfield MO paper about doing a piece that was factual rather than the usual fantasy, make the readers feel-good, hit piece that they do on the homeless.

It is a myth that homelessness is primarily caused by mental illness, drug abuse, and or laziness. I hope that by the end of this article that you will be more inclined to attribute homelessness in large part due to the actions of “do-gooders” that have run to government to get their world view inflicted upon everyone else. These same do-gooders have also been the cause of government programs that shift the burden of helping people from the family unit, individuals, and the charity of the churches to government and tax payer funded non-profits. Effectively destroying the family and shifting the job to organizations that have no vested interest in actually solving problems but rather to perpetuate the problem by applying band aides rather than solutions. Homelessness is also in large part caused by a particular special interest group that has directly lobbied for laws in it's favor and also manipulated the aforementioned do-gooders to do it's lobbying for them. It may surprise you that this special interest group is the banking industry. Money changers the bible calls them. They are the only class of people that the bible documents as really pissing off our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The assertion that drug abuse is “the” cause of homelessness is easily dismissed by anyone willing to put even a minimal effort into thinking about it. The fact is that most alcoholics and drug abusers are gainfully employed. Employment is how these addicted individuals pay for their habits and the vast majority of these individuals, if you care to look around you, are gainfully employed. I would also like to state that extreme drug abuse, as opposed to mere use, is more often a symptom of being homeless, rather than its root cause. The do gooders by supporting extremely high taxes on, or the outright outlawing of substances that people become addicted to, undermine their financial stability by driving the price through the roof. For example in Yuma AZ a liter of grain alcohol sells for over $20 while 10 miles away in Los Algodones Mexico the same liter sells for $1.50. An ounce of pot in Yuma AZ runs $125 while in nearby Mexico it sells for $25. I am not advocating that society encourage addictive behavior only that the current state of affairs takes unfair economic advantage of those the least able to afford it. If you are truly concerned about the welfare of others the only thing that is both moral and effective is the power of persuasion, not stealing from them or locking them in cages when they disagree. As a first step toward fighting homelessness I suggest that we legalize possession and production of all manner of addictive substances and that they be taxed at the same low rate as other goods in society. The high “pleasure” taxes have a minimal economic effect on the affluent and middle class, but the economic effects are hard felt by the poor.

Having lived as and among the homeless for many years I have observed a small percentage of those with what I would consider serious psychological problems. There is a larger group of less serious ill people whose condition I would attribute mostly to being forced by society to live on the streets for years. They live in constant fear of harassment by the police. They also live in fear of physical assault and robbery due not in small part to laws that in direct contrast to the Constitution and God given rights disarm people especially the homeless. As Isaac Asimov wisely stated: “An armed society is a polite society.” We are supposed to all be equal under the law. There is no reason why a US Senator can have an armed body guard while a homeless person is denied that right through a variety of mechanisms. Every human being on this planet has an inalienable God given right to self defense. That was an idea that this country was founded upon. Have the socialist schools and the lobotomy box so dumbed down the public that they no longer honor and respect what God has given to their fellow man?

The bottom line is that in this country the homeless are treated like animals that are constantly hunted and abused by local police departments and at the same time they are disarmed. To make matters worse the very people that are supposed to investigate crimes against them are their abusers. You can not get the police to investigate a crime if you wear $500 dollar suits, so what are the chances of a homeless person getting the police to investigate a crime against them?
Given these circumstances is it any wonder the homeless abuse drugs, are not emotionally stable, and find it hard to focus on getting off the street?
There are many cities in the United States where it is illegal to sleep within the city limits, unless of course you own or rent a residence. In these cities if I own a lot or a business the law says in effect that I really don’t own it. The state says it owns my property and says that it can prosecute anyone sleeping on my property even with my permission. Likewise in these same towns it is also illegal for anyone to sleep on what the state euphemistically calls “our land” or the public land. All of these laws in effect make every homeless person a criminal. (It also makes the drunk sleeping in his car to avoid driving under the influence a criminal also.) If they are fortunate enough to have a vehicle to sleep in when they are arrested the state usually steals that and any belongings that they may have by charging impound fees on the car while they are in jail. The mandatory auto insurance laws are also another way that the state steals what little many homeless people may have. In the state of California there is no due process at all for some one caught driving without auto insurance. You are automatically assumed guilty and your vehicle is taken on the spot in direct violation of the 5th amendment to the Constitution. I am sure that this is also the case in other states but I am not familiar with the law in every state.

The mandatory auto insurance laws by were written by the auto insurance industry to enrich itself just like the current national health care laws that mandate health insurance were written by the health insurance companies. These laws besides being unconstitutional insure high prices for the consumer by creating a state mandated monopoly. Something that government is supposed to protect us from – not creating and forcing down our throats. Mandatory auto insurance is also something most do-gooders support fully.

Serfs in mid-evil Europe paid taxes that were under 20% and slaves had an effective 50% tax rate. It may surprise you that in the United States the poorest of us pay well hidden socialist tax rates of 50% or more with none of the socialist benefits one would expect from paying this high of a tax rate. The first well hidden tax is inflation which currently is well over the 10% figure that I will use here. If you do no understand that inflation is a hidden tax it is probably because you ended your economic education with what the government high school or university that you attended did not teach you. If you want to learn more about our monetary system, Google the 4 hour video “The Money masters” or read G. Edward Griffins “Creature from Jekyll Island.”

Another hidden tax is the cost built into the cost of all goods and services that are charged to recover the corporate income tax, state taxes, and a plethora of regulations imposed upon businesses. All business taxes quite obviously must ultimately be paid by the consumer a fact they usually do not address in the Karl Marx version of economics taught in most government schools these days. I conservatively use 10% for this tax that is built into the cost of all goods and services that you purchase.

Think of social security as a tax because the return on investment is only 2% rather than the expected 10% you would expect if you were not forced in to what is a criminal pyramid scheme. I use the figure of 15% for the social security tax.
State sales tax is not hidden and I will use the figure of 8% and have not yet added state or federal income tax or federal unemployment, the workman's comp that your employer is forced to pay, tax on gasoline, property taxes, and literally dozens of other taxes.

We are up to 43% very conservatively at a tax rate that even the most poor must pay in this country. The media outright lies and tells us that many don’t pay taxes because they are not required to pay income tax. Well I have just shone you that nothing could be farther from the truth. The people that “don’t pay taxes” are taxed close to 50% of their meager incomes!

We are conservatively up to 43% I have yet a few other “hidden” taxes to add to the list…

Because of legalities in labor law the very poor are often can only find what is called euphemistically called “day labor” in this scenario day labor companies get a huge portion, often up to 50%, right off the top of what is being paid by businesses for day labor. They do this to avoid our very counter productive labor laws. This should be called “slave labor” rather than “day labor” in my opinion. A system where a middle man gets 50% of your wages just because we have onerous laws that should be not exist and should be repealed.

Then there is what I call the “building code tax”. In the United States, banks, as a special interest have a huge stake at making sure that no one can pay cash for a home and build as they go. Unlike the majority of the planet where the rule is to pay cash as you build and not take out a loan. Various laws instituted and supported by bankers make it almost a certainty that one must borrow money to build housing. At 6% over 30 years that means that 2/3 or 66% of everyone’s rent is unnecessarily going to a bank as interest.
So for this hidden tax I conservatively add 50% of every persons housing cost to the already onerous tax burden of over 43%. Even this is low when you consider other code cost increasing factors such as minimum square footages, and huge environmental impact fees such as those imposed in Lee County FL, fire insurance, and hurricane insurance which the bank forces one to carry since you were forced to finance the property. Also the cost of being forced to connect to water and sewer with the high finance cost that cities charge when the homeowner can not pay these costs in cash.

I won't even delve into child support laws, that institute’s Dark Ages “debtors’ prison” on American citizens with no due process; it can also institute a negative tax rate where you can be taxed in effect at over 100% of what you make. Our “family courts” also negate the right of a man and woman to contract, as the states contract almost always over rides any contract that the two parties enter into concerning separation and their offspring. Homeless people without jobs are still responsible for draconian “support payments” that keep adding up, land them in jail and often reduce them to being homeless again.

Is it any wonder that with tax rates like this that we have far too many homeless in this country?
In most countries of the world people are free to construct and live in homes that they can afford. Not so in the Land of the Free. In most countries of the world if all I could afford was a $50 a month storage locker then that option would be open to me. But no here, the do-gooders in “the Land of the Free” must protect me from slum lords after all.
If I could acquire a piece of property in most parts of the world I could live on it in a manner that I could afford, not so in many areas of rural Missouri where I have found rural land. There are so called building codes and arbitrary sanitary codes which make a mockery of the idea of life, liberty and property. If I were to try to live on one of these properties the police could eventually come to remove me. Killing me in the process, if necessary, to make sure that I did not live on my own land without their permission.

I was made homeless 12 years ago by ridiculous and unfunded mandates by an unconstitutional EPA that made it cost prohibitive to gain access to my land locked property. I personally want to thank all the do-gooders that support this heinous organization. Years later I had to pass up property in Florida that I wanted to live on and market garden but was prevented from doing so again by do-gooders that do not understand the concept of God given property rights. At every turn and corner the do-gooders create homelessness. They support all sorts of business licensing that infringe upon yet another God given right and act as impassible hurtles to the poor wanting to help them selves. They support minimum wage laws that do the same and violate peoples God given right to contract.

We here in Missouri are surrounded literally hundreds of thousands of acres of so called public lands that we refer to as National Forest. The homeless can not camp on these lands both due to imposed fees and length of stay restrictions. This has not happened by accident. I have been told by forest rangers in many National Forests that their greatest fear is that homeless people would come to live in the forest! Imagine that people living on what they have been told their whole lives is “their land.” Like most of the lies emanating from collectivists the Marxist idea of “the commons” is a fantasy made up to placate us about the fact that governments illegally own about 50% of the land mass of the United States and rather than holding it in common as promised have begun to give it to bankers in exchange for the fake debts that we owe them for illegally counterfeiting the money supply of the United States. Very much like the gold that FDR stole from the American people that is supposed to be in Fort Knox but most likely is in the hands of globalist bankers. Again I refer the reader to the movie “The Money Masters” if you are lacking in your understanding of economics.

As you may have well guessed I do not have any nice adjectives to describe do-gooders. In fact I have much to say about them and their brethren collectivists; socialist, liberals, and what not, that I can not say here in mixed company. At the very least I must agree with Dave Champion. I consider liberalism to be a mental disorder. It is in part an inability to reason. To see that 1 + 1 = 2 or to see the logical and apparent consequences of their actions.

Treason is defined as actions that are destructive to ones form of government. If you have forgotten the penalties for treason I point you to the United States Constitution. The conclusion that I have come to is that the actions of these do-gooder collectivists pertaining specifically but not limited to homeless issues is treasonous. What other conclusion can one come to when people with a particular philosophical bent, or as I prefer “mental disorder”, constantly and across the board support laws that violate every manner of God given rights of their fellow man? It is my fondest hope that some day that it would be so socially aberrant to support policies ensuring enslavement of your fellow man, that it would be a very rare occurrence, and if it did occur that it would be swiftly and surely dealt with as the treasonous behavior that it unambiguously is.

Last evening I had a heated discussion with a preacher friend of mine by the name of Martin. He and his wife are both preachers and minister to 3 congregations in South Dakota. He related that the study of the 10 commandments had been a focus in his bible study. I told him that the study of the bible was useless when in a vacuum. That it really only had merit when applied to every day life. I have been trying for months to convince him that he was negligent in educating his flock that many of the policies that they supported were the same as stealing. He countered that I had my ministry from God and that he had his. I was incredulous that a so called Christian and man of God would in effect shirk what I see as his responsibility to morally educate his flock and to fight evil where it occurs. The conversation ended when I asked him if he would get upset if someone raped his wife? Then I asked him why he did not get upset when people in his congregation by their actions or inactions raped me?

You see in my book you either fight evil or you walk with evil, and churches in this country almost universally, walk with evil.

In conclusion I have some up close and personal experience with services for the homeless in Springfield MO. I found the services to be what one could expect from people and organizations that do not have a clue as to what causes homelessness much less to be interested in doing anything about it other than applying band aids. In other words the entire thing reeks of government and its inability to do anything correctly no matter how simple the task. In short society needs to get the hell out of the way and let homeless people help themselves rather than hindering them and then providing useless band aides out of guilt, for the problems that society created in the first place. For those that truly are unable to help them selves let’s get back to real charity by churches and individuals, not the fake government charity stolen from citizens at gun point.

If you are homeless or think that you are someone that can bring something to the table in my effort to address homeless issues, I urge you to contact me and share ideas as to what can and should be done.

I can be contacted at

Thom Jefferson

Monday, June 7, 2010

“Everything I want to do is illegal” How government is purposely bankrupting your farmer.

“Everything I want to do is illegal” How government is purposely bankrupting your farm.

Most of you in the local foods movement and in agriculture in general know that something is wrong with the economic model that is being forced upon you. You wonder how you can work all day and produce products that are both necessary and in great demand and not even break even in many cases. The simple answer to that is that you are under the illusion that we live in a free country and that you are operating in a free market. Bear with me and let me regress to a discussion of the proper role of government:

The founders were very influenced by philosophers such as John Locke and Thomas Paine. They believed that the only proper role of government was to protect the God given inalienable rights of man. Rights did not come from government; you do not have to ask government for your rights as government can not give you something that the Creator has already bestowed upon you. Lastly they believed that government has only the powers that are explicitly delegated to them by the people; implied in that, is that government can not have any power that the individual does not have. In summary they believed that government exists only to protect your God given rights. That government has very limited powers limited only to what we explicitly authorize them to do. That they can by definition have no power that we as individuals do not possess.

As farmers it is usually one of the “alphabet soup agencies” that interfere with our ability to conduct business as we wish. Remember that in the Constitution we have only authorized Government to do certain specific things. Go and reread the 10th amendment if you have forgotten this. It is very clear and unambiguous. Getting back to the FDA, USDA, and the EPA… Are you surprised to learn that they are no where authorized in the Constitution? If they are not authorized in the Constitution they are thus by definition illegal and rogue agencies! (Are you surprised that in government schools that you were not taught about the illegal activities of government? Don’t be. Expecting such would be akin to expecting to learning about pedophile Priests in a Catholic catechism class.)

Let us assume for a moment that somehow that these agencies are somehow legitimate and legal. Would you be surprised to learn that they are criminal and rogue on a second level? Well they are…. In the Constitution the founders very clearly delegated certain powers to certain branches of government. The legislature was to make the laws. The executive was to catch those breaking the law. The Judicial was to punish those breaking the law. Furthermore no where in the Constitution do we allow any of these branches to delegate their powers to anyone else. So how you may ask can the EPA write rules that carry the force of law? How can they fine you? How can they find you guilty and punish you without a jury trial? They are illegally acting as judge, jury, and executioner. They are acting as all three branches of government! How may you ask does this happen? Well as Thomas Jefferson once said: “The amount of tyranny that you get is the amount of tyranny that you are willing to tolerate.” Another founder also said that it would take an educated and moral electorate to keep the Republic alive. Well we certainly do not have an electorate educated about the proper role of government as they were educated in government schools. As far as a moral electorate I will leave that judgment to you.

In Jonathan Emord’s book, The Rise of Tyranny – How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and Pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty he talks about how it was during the Great Depression, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the “National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933” was passed. This law created federal agencies that would have the power to make laws, execute laws, and to judge law violations. This was unconstitutional as it gets because it transferred the power of Congress and the courts to these agencies.

The Supreme Court ruled this new law unconstitutional, but FDR sent Congress another bill called the “Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937” which was to add one justice to the Supreme Court for each of seven members who were older than age 70. This bills purpose was to intimidate the six judges who ruled against his New Deal programs. It never passed but it did its job. Enough of the justices changed their opinions to reverse their previous decision.

Sometimes Congress actually tries to do what it is supposed to do and legislates rather than illegally delegating that authority to one of the alphabet soup agencies. Often they like the alphabet soup agencies use the false logic that they are “Protecting us” and pass illegal laws. They do not mean legitimately protecting our God given rights from being violated by others, rather what they really mean is that they are going to protect us from ourselves. The dumbed down government school educated population accepts this and doesn’t question this further even though it is a clear contradiction of terms.

If you are going to “protect me from myself” you are going to by definition prevent me from exercising my right to make choices for myself. In a free society you do not have to make what someone else thinks are good choices, or even safe choices. I submit that throughout history that man has always had the right to make choices for himself and also to contract with others in the exercise of those choices regardless what other may think about those choices. How can government be protecting my God given rights when it claims that violating my right to contract with others is protecting them?

If you believe that Government has the right to protect us from ourselves then you will not like the repercussions that decision could eventfully bring about:
Since motorcycles are dangerous they would be outlawed. Horses are demonstrably also very dangerous and the ownership or riding of them would become a crime. It is apparent by observation that most Americans are obese and thus they are a threat to themselves because that are not educated in nutrition or do not have the self control to behave properly. In this scenario government licensed nutritionist would plan the meals you are allowed to eat and give you a “food prescription” much like the prescription your doctor now gives you for pharmaceuticals. To be certain no animal products would be allowed as most studies show that the consumption of a diet without animal products results in superior health. No meat, no milk, no eggs, no cheese allowed by the food police. To eat or obtain food not prescribed would be a serious felony punishable by a long prison sentence. If you doubt that any of these things could come to pass you are nor a very good student of history because things this unimaginable to past generations have already come to pass by the use of incramentalism over many generations. It has worked already on the American people just like the tale of cooking the frog in the pot by slowly bringing the water to a boil.

This fallacy that the government is empowered by the people and the Constitution to protect them from them selves is the third level of illegality. Any law purporting to “protect you from yourself” is illegal for the following reasons:

You as an individual do not have a right to forcibly force your fellow man not to engage in activities that you judge as “dangerous”. Do you have the right to use force, to imprison or even kill your neighbour to keep him from riding a horse? If you do not have that right, I ask you how you can possibly delegate that power to government? Many Americans are also under the mistaken impression that we live in a democracy. After all that is what the politicians have been telling us for at least the past 50 years. A democracy as an old saying goes is: “Two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner.” There is no rule of law in a democracy as the “law” is whatever the majority decides. It was not ingrained in you in government schools but we happen to live in a Constitution Republic where the rights of even the smallest minority are supposed to be protected from the will of even the largest majority.

In real terms those that eschew raw milk, home canned food, or home butchered meats, simply do not have to purchase such products. I unlike those screaming for regulations to protect other from themselves do not want to make it illegal and punishable by jail terms to sell pasteurised, homogenised, bovine growth hormone containing, pesticide concentrating, milk even though I think doing so is ill advised, dangerous, and not in your best interest. In fact personally I think that animal products are inherently dangerous to consume, as documented in “The China Study” but I would not in my wildest dream ever consider making it a crime for you to consume animal products to your hearts delight.

I hope I have opened the reader eyes, even if only a little bit. Now the choice is up to you. You can do nothing and if you take this course you will get the tyranny that you deserve. Self government you see is not a spectator sport. If you decide to do something you will want to become more educated about these issues. As you become more educated you will soon realised that the reason for a vast majority of these laws don’t do anything to protect you (against your will) rather they most often are protecting the pocketbooks of special interest groups. In Jonathan Emord’s Rise of Tyranny he talks about “rent seeking” which is when a corporation stays in business not from competing in the open market but rather by controlling the very agencies meant to regulate them and having them pass onerous regulations that prevent anyone from competing with them. (What do you thing the raw milk regulations are really all about?) In practice industry actually writes the regulation that it then provides to the government agency to implement. The result is the suppression if not the total elimination of the competition. The reward for the government bureaucrat is a million dollar job when they leave government. Protecting and serving the public interest is not even a consideration.

I hope that you decide to work to educate other farmers and especially the public about that is going on. We must take action to take our out of control and illegitimate government back before the point of no return.

Do you realize the any of the Alphabet soup agencies need to be aided and abetted by your county Sheriff in order to come onto your property? If in doubt check out Sheriff Richard Macs book: ( ) You see being educated and voting for your Sheriff is very important.

Let me leave you with two quotes from Henry Kissinger a globalist and Bilderburger member that currently is shaping world policy.
"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world."
“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

It is not coincidental that your rights to grow and obtain food are being quickly eroded.

In Liberty,
Thom Jefferson

If interested contact me at:

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The unholy trinity: Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys

The unholy trinity: Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys




Welcome to America...
the capital of Orwellian doublethink.

To the above 3 party slogans from Orwell's 1984, I would like to add a fourth:


and of course the opposite "monopoly is free enterprise."

Like most Americans that have been through the government indoctrination centers that we call public education you probably have some very inaccurate and untrue views as to what constitutes a monopoly. For one thing in a free market there is no such thing as a monopoly. You will always have choices in a free market. The only true monopolies that exist are those that are created by government when it interferes with the free market. Most will agree that the original US postal service, or your local water authority are government created monopolies. The truth of the matter is that we are surrounded by dozens of government created monopolies that Americans almost without exception will inaccurately refer to as "free enterprise." The opposite is also true. There are many examples of free enterprise that most people will identify as monopolies.

I will not go into detail but let me submit for you to ponder that the so called anti-trust laws were originally created as a vehicle to attack political opponents. Also to be able to create real monopolies and to then distract public opinion away from the real monopolies by attacking companies that are not. In other words the anti-trust laws are a protection racket that ensure the continuance of the real monopolies run by the oligarchs that pull most of the strings in our society while acting as a sledge hammer against companies that displease our owners.

As I said earlier there are literally dozens of business's that Americans refer to as free enterprise that are actually monopolies. The reason that they are monopolies is that government has by law outlawed your 700 year old right to contract. That means that you have the right to approach anyone that YOU determine capable of delivering the services that you require and to contract the terms of obtaining those services. The three business's that most egregiously violate this God given inalienable right to contract are what I refer to as the Unholy Trinity. They are in no particular order Medical Doctors, Dentist, and Attorneys.

People are probably not aware that it was the Oligarchical Rockefeller family that is heavily invested in the oil and pharmaceutical industries that almost single handedly narrowed the broad focus of American medical schools to their present focus on being drug and pill pushers almost to the exclusion of everything else. What is called the AMA is the dictatorial organization that now enforces this monopoly on the American people. For over 70 years these AMA monopolists have insisted on using fear tactics and implied color of law to inject our children with vaccines containing Thimiseral (mercury), aluminum, and live cancer viruses. AMA doctors are pitifully educated in the field of nutrition and instead of helping their patients avoid or cure denigrative diseases they sell them expensive drugs that merely mask the symptoms. There is no competing paradigm as anyone competing with the Rockefeller/AMA drug pushers is charged with a crime and locked away in prison. Raping the American public of a most important natural right all in the name of "protecting us."

They are not happy with their current monopoly and seek to expand it with a worlwide UN treaty known as codex alimentarius. When it passes in the US it will be illegal to purchase anything that competes with the medical drug cartel. For example in parts of Europe it is a crime to purchase vitamin C without a doctors prescription and even then a prescription only provides very low potency vitamin C that many claim to be useless therapeutically.

BREAKING! AMA lackeys - the FTC has tyrannically and without due process taken away your God given right to be educated on natural alternatives in your health treatment.

Dentists are no better. These elite monopolist have priced their services out of reach of the vast majority of the working people that I know. Not being able to get any dental care because of it's artificially high price is a funny way of protecting us. Denying you the God given right to contract with others for service in order to protect you from yourself, is insane reasoning. Why doesn't everyone see this? Could it be because of the fluoride in the water or the mercury containing amalgam fillings that these criminals endorse and participate in, have anything to do with the general public being as dumb and unmotivated as rocks?

God has prepared a special place in hell for attorneys is my fondest hope. These cockroaches have infested legislatures at all levels to write laws that are incomprehensible to the common man, make criminal every manner of God given inalienable rights, and are so numerous that a small army of researchers could not hope to keep up with them. They participate in a system where it is not a permitted defense to use the Constitution as a defense in criminal court. Where they call proceedings such as domestic matters civil in order to deny you a trial by jury or even for that matter any proper due process at all. They routinely suborn perjury from women seeking divorces by instructing them to get unwarranted orders of protection from their husbands. And when they can't keep you from having a jury trial they say nothing when judges lie to jurors and tell them that they are to judge the facts but not the law itself. Seven hundred years of case law and several supreme court decisions speak very clearly on this matter to the contrary. i.e That juries are to judge both the facts and the law.

To add insult to injury they like the dentist make it a crime to contract services elsewhere when you can't afford their very inferior services. Also ask yourself how can there be a crime when there is no victim? Is it not a fundamental premise of law that you need a victim for a crime to occur?

If the FTC were in any way legitimate and looking out for the interest of the American people they would immediacy start anti-trust proceedings against the AMA, ADA, and the BAR associations for the real monopolies that they run.

Do not be fooled into thinking that because there is more that one doctor or attorney that there is not a monopoly. What defines a monopoly is government interference in your God given right to freedom of contract and choice.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Socialist Christians and other oxymoron's

Socialist Christians and other oxymoron's

If you call yourself a Christian, you are familiar with the commandment about stealing. After all God wrote it in stone for Moses so that you would not forget it.
Christians in this country are so dumbed down however, that they don't recognize real world applications of 8th commandment. The problem originates by the fact that most stealing in the United States is legal. (Read on and I will hopefully prove this to you.) People are so dumbed down that if something is legal they also assume that it is moral. Nothing could be further from the truth. Is abortion moral? Was the "legal" act of gassing Jews in ovens moral?
I urge you to stop reading your bible and listening to your clergyman long enough to learn some basic economics and decide for yourself whether or not most stealing is not legal in this country and what you should do about this situational morality. * -foot note

Economics 101: Communism vs Socialism

Most Americans are not comfortable with Communism, but for some reason they embrace and love Socialism. The fact of the matter is that they are identical. They are both collectivism that eschews private ownership for group ownership. The only discernible difference between the two is the means at which you arrive there. The Fabian Socialist arrive at their goal, as they have in the United States, by getting the citizens of a country to agree to it. The Communists on the other hand, implement their version of collectivism with "With the Barrel of a gun" as Chairman Mao observed. I repeat that the end result of both is identical, yet citizens of western countries live under and support socialism but will go to war and kill people that use the "C" word for an identical collectivist system.

Christians need to realize that supporting any political system, whether you call it fascism, socialism or communism, that eliminates private property to give it to others, is in fact supporting theft. It's pretty cut and dry.

Is not theft the antithesis of Christianity? I was always taught that if a Christian wants to help someone that they should dig deep and give to those that they find deserving. We used to call this charity. But when Christians support and enable theft, vicariously through their vote, by electing political thugs that promises to steal, they are in fact breaking one of Gods commandments.

Take a look at the political platform for the Democrat and Republican parties for the past 50 years. Do you see what I see? Both parties platforms openly endorse and actively support all 10 planks of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto! Communist Manifesto This is seriously at odds with Gods commandment against stealing. Liberalism, fascism,socialism, communism, democrat, and republican, ideologies under the hood are almost indistinguishable collectivist ideologies. Judge them by their actions and not their words. My point to you is that if you have in the past 50 years supported either a democrat or a republican you are going to have a little bit of explaining to your maker on judgment day.

Let's take a look at some of the specific things that Christians often support but should not if they give any credence to what they read about the sin of stealing in their bibles.

Plank 5 of the Communist manifesto: National Banks

This is the grand daddy of them all. Those of you that support the income tax support the enslavement of your neighbors for 3 months a year to pay extortion money to a private group of bankers that we all know as the Federal Reserve. On a scale of one to ten, stealing 3 months of your neighbors life rates pretty high. Ask yourself at what point does this become chattel slavery? If you are undereducated on this topic I suggest you read "Creature from Jekyll Island" or if like many Americans you don't read, at least Google "GCN radio" and start listening to some of the Internet radio shows there.

Plank 10 of the Communist manifesto: Government Schools

Perhaps your neighbor home schools, or perhaps he has no children at all. Yet you support political
parties that demand, upon threat of violence, that he pay a "property tax" to subsidize the education of everyone elses children. Only a delusional Christian could see this as anything other than stealing. Perhaps because this theft is legal and your 501.c3 Church does not speak out about it, you think that this theft is OK with God.

Borrowing money from a fractional reserve bank

Anytime you borrow money under our current and criminal banking system, including the use of credit cards, you are causing the creation of, or more precisely, the counterfeiting of, money. If you know anything about economics this is called inflation. When YOU cause inflation you are stealing from your neighbor. This is not a trivial matter. Think about the retired couple down the street that has a $100,000 nest egg. After 20 years of 6% inflation this nest egg is worth only about $25,000. You have thus stolen $75,000 from this couple. Inflation currently is running well over 12%.

If you want to follow Gods commandment here I suggest that you stop supporting parties that allow lawless banking practices.. Or do you believe that this is moral because it is legal and your Church does not speak out about it?

Supporting building codes and zoning

I have a gut feeling that banks are the special interest that make sure that we have building codes because they are one of the primary beneficiaries of these draconian laws.

A major effect of building codes is to ensure that most all people must borrow money from a bank in order to buy a home. If the average home costs $100,000 then at 6% interest over 30 years, banks make $200,000 on each and every one of these loans. Do you think that forcing your neighbor to pay "the money changers" $200,000 is not stealing? Again, only a delusional Christian would think so.

EPA regulations

The Constitution states that Congress shall make all laws, yet you support and tolerate bureaucratic agencies such as the EPA that make law at whim. I was personally the victim of one such "whim" of the EPA. I lived on a piece of land that needed a bridge over a small creek to be able to drive onto the property. The EPA dictated to me that I come up with over 10 times more money than I paid for this property before even constructing this bridge. Need I add, money that I did not have, in order to meet their arbitrary regulations.? As a result I became homeless and sold what became worthless land.

I ask you does your political party support the Unconstitutional EPA? If your party is not against it then it must be for it. Right? Are you still convinced that because this is legal and your Church says nothing that is must be OK?

If you support either of the 2 major parties I submit to you that you were at least partially responsible for stealing my home, and you certainly don't want to know about all of the resulting costs to society over the next 20 years that this theft has caused.

Other unintended consequences of EPA interference

Arbitrary and unconstitutional fuel mileage requirements have transformed easy to work on vehicles to incomprehensible technological objects. Recently I had to pay a mechanic $800 in labor in order to fix an oil leak that would have been easy for my to fix on my 1972 model vehicle. And you guessed it. I consider that $800 as stolen from me.

Supporting the Dental Monopoly

As Englishmen we have a rich 700 year history of being able to contract with one another in an unencumbered manner. Fairly recently however the our Federal Government has unconstitutionally decided that we no longer have a right to contract with whom we choose for our dental care. It's their designated ADA monopoly or nothing. As a result many of us are paying much more than we are able to comfortably afford for dental care. (i.e. We are robbed.) Or worse yet we must do with no dental care what soever because it is totally priced out of our reach. How Christians can support things like this is beyond my ability to comprehend or reason.

What should a Christian to do?

First of all you should educate yourself about liberty, for an uneducated person can not make the correct choices to maintain a free and moral country. After you educate yourself you will, hopefully, see with 20/20 vision how wrong the above things are.

Unfortunately because the Government steals at the very least 50% of what even the poorest of us makes you may for the time being have to depend upon some immoral socialist program that is funded by stealing from your neighbour. I think this is excusable as long as you realise that you must unceasingly support and work towards the eradication of all of these wrongs. You may rationalise your participation in something like say food stamps because it is not stealing in light of the 50% of your income that government has taken from you beforehand. You are out of necessity just getting back from the thief a small part of what was taken from you.

Admittedly this is a slippery slope that I wish we did not have to journey upon. But one must do what one must do to survive. Like me you should work constantly at trying to educate your fellow man about Libertarianism, the principles of freedom that this country was founded on, and how this relates to Gods word.

*Foot Note: Could the reason be that Churches do not do their job of educating their flocks be that they have a huge conflict of interest by becoming a 501.c3 non-profits? Ask your clergyman about Presidents Johnson's executive order prohibiting non-profits from political speech.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Cops and other urban legends.

Good Cops and other urban legends.

Several times during rants of mine about law enforcement, I have had friends refer to so called "good cops" in response to what they see as my unfair demonization of cops. Having thought this over for several months I have come to the conclusion that "good cop" is an oxymoron. A form of Orwellian double speak that would make George proud.

First lets look at the laws that these so called "good cops" enforce. You have a God given right of self preservation yet if you carry a concealed firearm without a permission slip from the government the "good cop" will arrest you and charge you with a felony. Most every other law on the books is either the outright criminalisation of God given inalienable rights or the conversion of them to permissions that you must ask your owner, the state, for permission to partake in.

Take the right to travel for instance. Do you think that George Washington had a permission slip, called a driver license, that gave him permission to operate his horse? Do you think that he paid a fee to register his horse with the king or hung a plate on his horses rear? Or was forced to buy an insurance policy, from a state protected monopoly, to cover damages that his horse may cause? Or that he would have submitted to agents of the king stopping him without cause to give him a field sobriety test to test for some arbitrary level of competence?

Would Thomas Jefferson had stood for federal agents raiding his hemp plantation and confiscating Monticello without even charging him with a crime, or a trial using so called "forfeiture laws"?

Would Patrick Henry have paid large fees and submitted plans to get a permission slip from the king in order to build his home? Would he have stood by, when the king destroyed his "un-permitted" home or arrested him for residing in it?

Does "Give me Liberty of Give me Death!" Mean anything any longer? Or is it just a worn out platitude from a bygone era?

The list could go on for days and days. The laws that so called "good cops" enforce go way beyond the tyranny and usurpation's that caused our founding fathers to revolt against the crown.

There are a few such so called "good cops" in the patriot movement. One claims to be a supporter of the Constitution and yet he admits to performing arrests upon citizens for the non-crime of putting substances into their bodies that our owners have not given us permission to partake in. I have NOT heard this persons admit to the error of his ways or apologize in any way for his past behavior, yet he is held in high esteem in the patriot community despite his past tyrannical,unconstitutional behavior. The person that I am referring to is Officer Jack McLamb. While I have a lot of respect for what he has done for the patriot community, that in my mind does not excuse his past behavior and I believe that we should hold our own to a higher standard than we hold the enemy to.

So Jack, if you are reading this, I eagerly wait to hear how you now feel about your violating the inalienable rights of your fellow citizens.

Let me ask you defenders of "good cops", what you would do if it were UN soldiers, or Chinese troops, rather than US Law enforcement violating your God given rights with reckless abandon? I submit to you that you would do your best to ensure that those foreigners infringing upon your rights came to room temperature ASAP. This IMHO is also an appropriate though not politically correct response to "good cops" that are attempting to do the identical thing.

The insanity has gotten to the point that we daily have You Tube videos of cops beating people and then turning around and charging the victims with assaulting the police! Societies answer to this? To make it a felony to video or photograph the police! Please take the red pill folks!

For the life of me I don't get the people that think there is such a thing as a good cop. They just don't exist.  Would this mythical good cop not arrest me for having a concealed hand gun without Caesar's  permission slip? Or an automatic weapon or explosives without Caesar's permission?
Would he arrest  me for a pound of pot or making meth-amphetamine? Would he steal from me because I do not have a permission slip to drive or carry insurance? Would he force me off my land if I did not get the permission slips to build my home?  

Can you honestly tell me that there is a single cop in the United States that  would not enforce the above and in the process violate the Constitution and my God given inalienable rights? Maybe there are cops better than others but good cops... that is a laughable proposition.

In case you think I am  off the wall, delusional, or excessive, consider the fact that my great grandfather lived in a country where he was free to do all of the above and more.

FYI if you see criminal police behavior report it here: