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Friday, June 22, 2012

Modern Christianity is a mental disorder

After a long vacation from church I reluctantly paid a visit to a local church to see if anything had changed.

 It went as I expected.  The cult indoctrination began at once. You see no one is  allowed in modern churches to have beliefs that differ from others in the church. To have a brain is a sin. To have your own ideas, however well reasoned out, or closely held, is sacrilegious. You are cajoled, arm twisted, brow beat, and ridiculed, until you accept their interpretation of scripture. Or you are run off... There are no other acceptable outcomes.

Is this not the very definition of a cult? Are not most all modern Christian churches cults? I think you can guess my position on this question.

You are told that scripture is the absolute word of God, and not to question it at all. Want to see the results of that?  The  Christian sect Christian Identity believes that black people are the spawn of Satan. There are Christian sects that believe that they are going to get beamed up to Heaven a-la, a Star Trek transporter beam  right before TSHTF.  And most Christians interpret Romans 13 to mean that your government can never be wrong, and to follow it into the pits of hell. That was what Hitler taught the German people, and this is what the vast majority of American Christians believe today,  in large part because you can not question what you read in scripture.

I have been told over, and over, and over never to question what you read in scripture.  Really?  So if I read the scriptures  to mean that blacks are the spawn of satin (Christian Identity does) then I dare not question this at all? I can not use the reasoning brain that God gave me?  The king James bible says "thou shalt not kill. " Well should all be pacifists then? And then we have the problem of other bibles saying "thou shall not murder." How can  you have conflicting words of God? Is that not a contradiction in terms?  Could we have a translation problems? And my guess is if you have one translation problem you have dozens. Oops I'm questioning... I'm sorry, and a blasphemous heathen. I really didn't mean to use the brain God gave me. I am being so un-cult like.

If I interpret  that scripture  tells us to do absolutely everything the government tells us to do,  I should not question that either. People get these differing interpretations, yet  most Christians say that you should not question what you read in scripture, UNLESS it disagrees with THEIR interpretations. Then they question it.   Have you ever seen a more absurd, circular argument? Never question anything unless it disagrees with what I get out of scripture.

I have not figured this all out as of yet, but I do know that not questioning what you think scripture is saying, Romans 13 in particular, has caused more evil to take hold in this country than any 10 other causes put together. Is that not the ultimate of ironic statements? That in a manner of speaking that a verse of scripture is responsible for most of the evil in this country.

Call me a heathen, or whatever other derogatory term you want to use, but for the life of me scripture looks like a math book where after reading it one person thinks 1+1=4, and the next person that reads it thinks 1+1=6, and  IMHO questioning is in order.

Getting back to church....

To the people that I talked with that Sunday, my problems were my fault , or God was punishing me because of this or that.  Never mind that most of them have participated  in the destruction of our country, it's economy, it's freedoms, and  it's moral character mainly through their vote, and their refusal to get seriously involved in keeping an eye on the psychopaths and sociopaths that call themselves politicians and public servants. A few months back I could not get a single member of this church to begin attending  local government meetings.

No - it is their childish, irresponsible behavior that lies at the root of not only many of my problems, but the problems that most of us face.

Here is another  example: Almost to the man, they have by their actions, or their inaction's, supported the dental and medical monopolies. Yet the fact that I am mercury toxic to them is my fault because that is the kind of God they see. A God that destroys your life if you somehow slight him.  They live in a world with no personal responsibility whatsoever.  They vote for people that openly proclaim that they are thieves, and then when the actions of their elected  thieves hurt someone, it is not their fault for voting the thieves in. No, it is the fault of the victim. The victim must have pissed God off somehow and they are suffering because of that. 

The evil that Christians support is boundless. They openly worship Caesar more than God. They will certainly not hold Caesar accountable for his actions. They seem to think this would somehow be blasphemous as Caesar is a deity to them.

 Here is a thought experiment for you:  If a Christian see's a  woman being raped, he goes to her aide. Right? But if the same Christian see's a government agent raping, stealing, or murdering someone, they do nothing. Often they will  even justify the action. Christians take little or no responsibility for the state of the world, nor do they  try to change things. They attribute every evil  thing to the will of God, rather than their own poorly thought out actions, and their worship and approval  of Caesar. 

As I said at the beginning: modern Christianity is a mental disorder.


Pastor Chuck Baldwins 4 sermons on Romans 13

  "Government is how we choose to treat our fellow man. Nothing more nothing less. Hence government is how we choose either to love our brothers or rape them. Unfortunately   most Christians have chosen the latter."  ~ Joe Tittiger

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God"  ~Ben Franklin

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  1. I hesitate to affiliate modern churchianity with christianity. There are cultural trappings and nationalistic neurosis at play for sure. The practice of clinging to one verse or principle with a "no matter what" mindset is indeed circular and dangerous. But that too is a modern churchianity trait, not a trait of true Christianity.

    True Christianity seeks to "rightly divide the word of truth" and to "grab hold of one without letting go of the other". A guitar string only plays a pleasant note if it is in a state of proper tension. Doctrine is the same way. God is Holy and Loving. The church is to be salt and light. These are seemingly opposite positions to the churchiantity crowd, but both/and not either/or is what brings balance to doctrine and our lives.

    As for the medical, economic, political, indeptness, they simply match the culture, just like their divorce and addiction rates. Jesus was and is counter culture, contramundum. To compare modern churchianity to what he taught is to be sorely disappointed.

    So let true Christians follow Christ, the libertarian separatist, and lets take the word Christian back from the churchianity crowd while we are at it.

  2. Check out this article over at "Durable Faith" As you see the Day approaching.

  3. This past election proved that Christians worship Caesar better than any example I could have concocted.
    We had 2 men running for King of Amerika, both of them claiming that their word was law (through executive orders) They were claiming what Roman emperors claimed through their being Gods.

    Christians in mass backed these 2 men that claimed to be Gods. Christians for the most part do not worship God - they worship their government.

  4. We just published the Magdeburg Confession 1550 AD in English two months ago, first time-ever that it is available in English. The Confession was the first time the doctrine of the lesser magistrates was formalized. It speaks against unlimited obedience to the State, which you rightly observe is a bane of current Christianity. Simply stated the doctrine says: When the superior or higher authority makes unjust or immoral laws or decrees, the lesser or lower authority has both a right and duty in the sight of God to interpose against the unjust or immoral laws or decrees, and if needs be, actively resist them.