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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finding land: a must use resource

It's sort of embarrassing, but having used the Internet for almost 15 years and computers for 30 years I did not know about the USDA Web Soil Survey. This is a database of the soils of every county of every state in the United States on a square foot by square foot basis.

The way I found this out was when I moved to Missouri recently. The 160 acres I stay on has rock about 4 inches down on a lot of the property. This makes it somewhat hard to grow root crops in a crop rotation. Just up the road a guy moved in from California and bought 12 acres. The soil on almost the entire farm is a spectacular deep loam. The price he paid for this land was also in line with what people are paying for really lousy soil in the rest of the county.

He tells me that only 4% of the soil in this county is good farm land and that at any one time that only 5% of the land is for sale. I want to share his secret with you and wish I had known about it earlier.

I can't teach you all the ins and out of the site but if you go to:

You will be amazed at the information that you can find out about the soil in a particular area. You too can find absolutely beautiful soil even in areas that are not known for good soil by using this tool.

Good Luck!

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