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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The homeless: thinking outside the box.

I guess with all the fluoride in the water, the biased media, and the indoctrination handed out in government indoctrination centers called schools, that it is understandable that the American public can not add 2+2 even when the answer is directly in front of their faces.

If you have not been living in a cave you will have read about the tent cities in many places around the country most prominently California. The answer to this dilemma is not rocket science folks! One answer is right in front of your face.

The problem is as is the solution to many problems is that the solution has been legislated as illegal by special interest groups.

Give up?

Let me give you a hint: Two days ago I rented a 10'x20' storage locker for a grand total of $50 a month.

Yup like most things in life the solution is very simple. It is your prejudices and brain washing that keeps you from seeing it. My 10'x20' storage locker is not only larger but better constructed than homes that I have seen in third world countries housing whole families. I can also tell you that living in one would be a hell of a step up from the Eureka tent that I have been living in for the past 2 years.

You city folks that don't have a clue may ask about water, heat, bathing, waste disposal, cooking, etc.

Again this is not rocket science and are issues that man has taken care of no matter how poor they are for thousands of years: A bucket with a lid makes a rest room and provides a valuable commodity that in China is often bought and paid for. Water can be hauled or delivered. Heating, bathing, and cooking can be taken care of with a small single burner camp stove or even by the use of local wood.

No you might not want to live like this. But in times of hardship it is called living within ones means, and taking care of oneself. Instead in the modern US the solution is socialism and the stealing of your neighbors resources. The bottom line to me is that this whole system is created to make bankers rich.

Think about it. Why can't you add 2+2? Why do you go along with stealing from your neighbors and enriching bankers as the only viable solution to a simple problem?

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