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Monday, June 7, 2010

“Everything I want to do is illegal” How government is purposely bankrupting your farmer.

“Everything I want to do is illegal” How government is purposely bankrupting your farm.

Most of you in the local foods movement and in agriculture in general know that something is wrong with the economic model that is being forced upon you. You wonder how you can work all day and produce products that are both necessary and in great demand and not even break even in many cases. The simple answer to that is that you are under the illusion that we live in a free country and that you are operating in a free market. Bear with me and let me regress to a discussion of the proper role of government:

The founders were very influenced by philosophers such as John Locke and Thomas Paine. They believed that the only proper role of government was to protect the God given inalienable rights of man. Rights did not come from government; you do not have to ask government for your rights as government can not give you something that the Creator has already bestowed upon you. Lastly they believed that government has only the powers that are explicitly delegated to them by the people; implied in that, is that government can not have any power that the individual does not have. In summary they believed that government exists only to protect your God given rights. That government has very limited powers limited only to what we explicitly authorize them to do. That they can by definition have no power that we as individuals do not possess.

As farmers it is usually one of the “alphabet soup agencies” that interfere with our ability to conduct business as we wish. Remember that in the Constitution we have only authorized Government to do certain specific things. Go and reread the 10th amendment if you have forgotten this. It is very clear and unambiguous. Getting back to the FDA, USDA, and the EPA… Are you surprised to learn that they are no where authorized in the Constitution? If they are not authorized in the Constitution they are thus by definition illegal and rogue agencies! (Are you surprised that in government schools that you were not taught about the illegal activities of government? Don’t be. Expecting such would be akin to expecting to learning about pedophile Priests in a Catholic catechism class.)

Let us assume for a moment that somehow that these agencies are somehow legitimate and legal. Would you be surprised to learn that they are criminal and rogue on a second level? Well they are…. In the Constitution the founders very clearly delegated certain powers to certain branches of government. The legislature was to make the laws. The executive was to catch those breaking the law. The Judicial was to punish those breaking the law. Furthermore no where in the Constitution do we allow any of these branches to delegate their powers to anyone else. So how you may ask can the EPA write rules that carry the force of law? How can they fine you? How can they find you guilty and punish you without a jury trial? They are illegally acting as judge, jury, and executioner. They are acting as all three branches of government! How may you ask does this happen? Well as Thomas Jefferson once said: “The amount of tyranny that you get is the amount of tyranny that you are willing to tolerate.” Another founder also said that it would take an educated and moral electorate to keep the Republic alive. Well we certainly do not have an electorate educated about the proper role of government as they were educated in government schools. As far as a moral electorate I will leave that judgment to you.

In Jonathan Emord’s book, The Rise of Tyranny – How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and Pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty he talks about how it was during the Great Depression, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the “National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933” was passed. This law created federal agencies that would have the power to make laws, execute laws, and to judge law violations. This was unconstitutional as it gets because it transferred the power of Congress and the courts to these agencies.

The Supreme Court ruled this new law unconstitutional, but FDR sent Congress another bill called the “Judiciary Reorganization Bill of 1937” which was to add one justice to the Supreme Court for each of seven members who were older than age 70. This bills purpose was to intimidate the six judges who ruled against his New Deal programs. It never passed but it did its job. Enough of the justices changed their opinions to reverse their previous decision.

Sometimes Congress actually tries to do what it is supposed to do and legislates rather than illegally delegating that authority to one of the alphabet soup agencies. Often they like the alphabet soup agencies use the false logic that they are “Protecting us” and pass illegal laws. They do not mean legitimately protecting our God given rights from being violated by others, rather what they really mean is that they are going to protect us from ourselves. The dumbed down government school educated population accepts this and doesn’t question this further even though it is a clear contradiction of terms.

If you are going to “protect me from myself” you are going to by definition prevent me from exercising my right to make choices for myself. In a free society you do not have to make what someone else thinks are good choices, or even safe choices. I submit that throughout history that man has always had the right to make choices for himself and also to contract with others in the exercise of those choices regardless what other may think about those choices. How can government be protecting my God given rights when it claims that violating my right to contract with others is protecting them?

If you believe that Government has the right to protect us from ourselves then you will not like the repercussions that decision could eventfully bring about:
Since motorcycles are dangerous they would be outlawed. Horses are demonstrably also very dangerous and the ownership or riding of them would become a crime. It is apparent by observation that most Americans are obese and thus they are a threat to themselves because that are not educated in nutrition or do not have the self control to behave properly. In this scenario government licensed nutritionist would plan the meals you are allowed to eat and give you a “food prescription” much like the prescription your doctor now gives you for pharmaceuticals. To be certain no animal products would be allowed as most studies show that the consumption of a diet without animal products results in superior health. No meat, no milk, no eggs, no cheese allowed by the food police. To eat or obtain food not prescribed would be a serious felony punishable by a long prison sentence. If you doubt that any of these things could come to pass you are nor a very good student of history because things this unimaginable to past generations have already come to pass by the use of incramentalism over many generations. It has worked already on the American people just like the tale of cooking the frog in the pot by slowly bringing the water to a boil.

This fallacy that the government is empowered by the people and the Constitution to protect them from them selves is the third level of illegality. Any law purporting to “protect you from yourself” is illegal for the following reasons:

You as an individual do not have a right to forcibly force your fellow man not to engage in activities that you judge as “dangerous”. Do you have the right to use force, to imprison or even kill your neighbour to keep him from riding a horse? If you do not have that right, I ask you how you can possibly delegate that power to government? Many Americans are also under the mistaken impression that we live in a democracy. After all that is what the politicians have been telling us for at least the past 50 years. A democracy as an old saying goes is: “Two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner.” There is no rule of law in a democracy as the “law” is whatever the majority decides. It was not ingrained in you in government schools but we happen to live in a Constitution Republic where the rights of even the smallest minority are supposed to be protected from the will of even the largest majority.

In real terms those that eschew raw milk, home canned food, or home butchered meats, simply do not have to purchase such products. I unlike those screaming for regulations to protect other from themselves do not want to make it illegal and punishable by jail terms to sell pasteurised, homogenised, bovine growth hormone containing, pesticide concentrating, milk even though I think doing so is ill advised, dangerous, and not in your best interest. In fact personally I think that animal products are inherently dangerous to consume, as documented in “The China Study” but I would not in my wildest dream ever consider making it a crime for you to consume animal products to your hearts delight.

I hope I have opened the reader eyes, even if only a little bit. Now the choice is up to you. You can do nothing and if you take this course you will get the tyranny that you deserve. Self government you see is not a spectator sport. If you decide to do something you will want to become more educated about these issues. As you become more educated you will soon realised that the reason for a vast majority of these laws don’t do anything to protect you (against your will) rather they most often are protecting the pocketbooks of special interest groups. In Jonathan Emord’s Rise of Tyranny he talks about “rent seeking” which is when a corporation stays in business not from competing in the open market but rather by controlling the very agencies meant to regulate them and having them pass onerous regulations that prevent anyone from competing with them. (What do you thing the raw milk regulations are really all about?) In practice industry actually writes the regulation that it then provides to the government agency to implement. The result is the suppression if not the total elimination of the competition. The reward for the government bureaucrat is a million dollar job when they leave government. Protecting and serving the public interest is not even a consideration.

I hope that you decide to work to educate other farmers and especially the public about that is going on. We must take action to take our out of control and illegitimate government back before the point of no return.

Do you realize the any of the Alphabet soup agencies need to be aided and abetted by your county Sheriff in order to come onto your property? If in doubt check out Sheriff Richard Macs book: ( ) You see being educated and voting for your Sheriff is very important.

Let me leave you with two quotes from Henry Kissinger a globalist and Bilderburger member that currently is shaping world policy.
"Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world."
“Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

It is not coincidental that your rights to grow and obtain food are being quickly eroded.

In Liberty,
Thom Jefferson

If interested contact me at:

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