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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The need for local online Missouri newspapers could not be greater.

We have come from a point in this country where Americans were getting most of their news from ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news to the point now where these organizations are on the verge of bankrupsy because people are not watching them. We now get our news on the Internet. This scares the daylights out of the powers that be and they are currently in the process of trying to pass laws that will destroy the Internet as we know it.

I find something very obvious missing from the news mix on the Internet. Once your attention is drawn to it, it becomes the elephant in the living room. Why may I ask you does not every small town, hamlet, and burro have a local online paper that is not under the control of large cooperate interest?

Have you observed like me outrage after outrage in your local community and finding that it is never ever reported on by the local paper? I have been living in Marshfield MO for a very short time and I have witnessed the following which have not been reported by the local press and most likely never will be:

The local library here in Marshfield takes public funds yet it discriminates against a large percentage of the patrons by limiting the use of half of its computers to a certain class of people. Would you not be upset if others that use public funds such as say the post office had windows that were limited to a certain class of citizens? Or if the courthouse when you went in to do business rationed services to one class of citizens and not others?

Well if you are below a certain age you have the choice of any computer in the Marshfield Library. If you are above that age you have the choice of only using approximately half of the computers. They even enforce this when the kids are all in school and half of the computers are sitting empty!

If they are allowed to use public funds and discriminate against those that pay the bills then I would guess that they could also have “White Only” computers. Do you see any difference? I don’t.

My second issue with this library is that they are using pre prepared book burning lists. They have software that prevents patrons from going to arbitrarily determined web sites. Again this library uses public funds and does the equivalent of electronic book burning.
In reality this amounts to the library enforcing political correctness on those using the library. There is a process to request that a site be made accessible but this is not good enough. It never should have been blocked in the first place! The two sites that I personally have run into being blocked were and Go take a look and you tell me whether a library taking my money to run their library should be blocking in effect what books I can read?

There is also another instance where those in Marshfield that think they own us have created 2 classes of citizens that they give different permissions to. And as usual these so called permissions are really rights they are brainwashing the public to accepting as permissions. In Marshfield if you happen to be a recognized organization you can post signs on public property. If you just happen to be a mere citizen though you are expected to begging your owners for permission to post your items on property that they tell you own. i.e. “Public property”

We have a farmers market here in Marshfield on Fridays. I hate to say this but it has to be the poorest market that I have ever attended. There was absolutely nothing there I wanted to purchase and I am a vegetarian! Why is this market so poor? Well I happened to attend the local startup meeting and observed local politics at its worst. A control freak who I will not mention by name wanted to run the market as a personal fiefdom, not an exercise in the free market and IMHO ruined it before it ever got off the ground. A truly independent local paper could report this and look into some solutions to forming a farmers market that actually works.

I was referred to the Jordan dental clinic in Marshfield. I am under the impression that it receives a lot of your tax money on the form of grants. I was told that they had sliding scale treatment for poor soles like myself. I discovered that sure they have a sliding scale, but first they jack their prices through the roof and then they discount them only 25%! After the 25% discount they are still the highest priced place in town to get a crown! Total cost will be over $700! Needless to say something in Denmark stinks to high heaven. If outright illegalities are not occurring the outright immorality of it should get your attention.

There are other local organizations that purport to help the homeless that suck up millions of your tax dollars and are doing next to nothing to help the homeless. Mainly they are helping themselves. I will this story for a series of articles in the first local paper that someone has the gonads to start.

Did you know that every time “Americas Most Wanted” airs that hundreds of innocent Americans have guns pointed at their heads? Not to mention the question why Americas Most Wanted never looks into cops that murder American citizens and they are never even charged with a crime? Do you know what happened to Ron Hortihuchi the FBI murderer that shot Vicky Weaver in the head while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge Idaho? Not only was he never charged with a crime, he went on to kill more Americans at the Waco TX massacre The same with the San Francisco cop that shot the hand cuffed kid in the back of the head on a You Tube video.

Well I was a victim of the Americas Most Wanted show. Even though 20 years older than the suspect, someone in Marshfield fingered me as the wanted man. I called the show and thought I had straightened the matter out. To make a long story short the Webster County Sheriffs did not bother with due diligence and checking their facts like mere mortals, that may be sued and held responsible for their misdeeds, do. On two occasions they went out to hunt me down. The final time I had a shotgun and a 223 rifle leveled at my head. After these thugs had determined that I was not the right person they lied through their teeth to me to get me to use their new toy: A digital finger print reader. (I am convinced of Hyaks thesis that the most evil and heinous people do not gravitate to being criminals, no they gravitate towards government.) These four Webster country public servants were sworn to uphold the law and the constitution but instead choose to lie to me, their boss. They all should be sued out of their undergarments but it seems that it is only us, the slaves are held accountable for anything. If you doubt that I was not seriously traumatized that evening then read this:

I could write a long article on the fact that Missouri is an open carry state yet the aforementioned thugs will break the law themselves and arrest you for one reason or another if you dare exercise your Constitutional or God given rights. Have you read much about this in your local corporate controlled paper?

As a homework assignment I ask you to Google “CAFR” i.e. Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and see if you can learn something that your local governments finances that they do not want you to learn about. You will not hear about CAFR’s from reading your local paper that is for sure.

Did you know that Best Buy in Springfield if you choose not to show your receipt to them at the door will follow you out into the parking lot, take down your license plate number and run a psch-ops on you? OR that the corperate office condones this behavior?
Again you will NEVER read any of these stories in your local paper which is all the more reason to get on the ball and start up a local online paper. You might as well use the current local rags for what the soviets delegated Pravda to, and file them next to the toilet for appropriate disposal.

In Liberty!
Thom Jefferson

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