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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tired of buying my God given rights!

If you have followed this blog you are aware of my distrust of law enforcement. IMHO it is not hard to determine who to fear the most, the criminals, or the cops. A hint: you can shoot and protect yourself against one class of criminal but not the other.

In the past 18 months I have had people that I have lived with turn out be common criminals and steal from me. You are probably shocked that I am so naive that this would happen. I guess I am. I expect people to do unto others..... and that I guess is naive.

The reason it happens is MUCH more shocking...

We have a government that steals  at least 50% of what we all earn -- and it does nothing to earn it's keep. In fact it does the exact opposite. Law enforcement IS part of the criminal element. It does not protect us, instead it is the thing to be feared as it works hand in hand with criminals to ensure that they continue to thrive. The more that crime grows the more tax money the law enforcement thugs steal from us. So what do you think is in their best interest: growing crime or falling crime?

Let me continue my story:

18 months ago in Oklahoma I had an individual steal a large amount of personal property from me.
He was very slick and much more articulate than myself. As a result of his being so convincing, the local OK sheriff outright lied and fabricated a story because he was convinced that I was the criminal. To the cops the end usually justifies the means.

As a result my insurance was canceled and they denied the theft claim. I guess you should expect such behavior from a class of people (cops) that the courts have ruled that it is a crime to lie to -- but conversely it is OK and even encouraged that they lie to you. (Reread this statement and it should shock you.)

More recently in Missouri, I had another room-mate decide that he was going to steal a large part of my belongings again. Books, bibles, food, clothes, cooking utensils, and much more.
The police call this crime a civil matter. I really don't care what they call it. We all know what it is. It is a CRIME! Anyway they refuse to do anything at all. They call this crime civil and wash their hands of the matter. You get no justice. They tell you that you can take it to small claims court but even that information must be pried out of them as they tell you at the court house that they can not practice law and that unless you can afford an attorney you are  screwed and will not even help you in this matter at all even though we pay their salaries. In addition you must come up with filing fees to buy your rights from the government that steals 50% of what you make. Then to add insult to injury even if you win they tell you that you are again screwed when you win and want to collect. Only they the criminal government exercise that power when it benefits them in such cases as child support. God forbid they would use that power to a slaves benefit.

This same person that I am speaking of was involved in dealing with stolen goods and drugs. I spoke with a detective about this. The SOB immediately went to the person that I had turned in and put my life in danger. (Is it a wonder no one trusts the cops?)

To add insult to injury the slave (us) has to come up with money to buy their rights .....

I want a PFA (protection from abuse in most states.) against this individual and again I can only get it if I have enough left over after the state steals 50% of what I make and the criminals that they support steal much of the rest. (Reread this one too.)

Also I would like to purchase another right.... and that is the right to defend myself. Here in Missouri they call it a concealed carry permit. It comes at a very high price and they will not SELL that God given right to a homeless person no matter what. You need an address to purchase that God given right. I hope to have and address soon but that will preclude having the money to buy my God given right to self defense.

Think about what I have laid out here... this is the society that that the average American has created and supports and it makes me physically ill.

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  1. Did you give up on this blog? I thought it was interesting.