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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The traditions of men - State Marriages

The message  at church this Sunday  was that we should NOT follow the "Traditions of Men."

Put another way:
"If you dance with the devil you won't change him. He will change you."

During communion  this message led to the following thought: 

Why did not everyone  clamor for a real  communion?
After all The State did not sanction it so it could  not have been a real and valid communion could  it?  I mean there is not  a record of it  in the court house.
You did not make sure with Caesar that it was OK  for you to receive communion. 
What if it was not OK with Caesar?
Did you receive the proper counseling, pay the proper fees, fill out the proper paper work, are you  of the proper age, have the proper criminal record, don't owe any back taxes or child support?..... ad infinitum.   

You probably agree with me that the above is crazy and you would not stand for it.  Yet almost every Christian  that I know will clamor for Caesars approval of their marriage. 
Why is that?  You do know why Caesar started State  marriages in this country don't you?  

Another strange thing  that Christians do is want approval of their church by Caesar. They want it to be a 501c3.

Christians are  a peculiar  breed  many of them  know scripture inside and out but once their nose is out of the good book they have no clue as how to apply what they have read.

For instance: Christians have no problem stealing from their neighbor to run the Marxist local guberment school system. Nor do they have any problem having the bankers counterfeit the money for their home loans and thus stealing it, by way of inflation from their neighbors  just as surely as if they had used a gun to rob them.  In my lifetime there has never been a war of  aggression where we murder people that never have posed a threat to us and most Christians offer weekly prayers for the safety of the murders. (Soldiers) They almost always vote for a political party that promise to steal off of some group to give to another. They ask Caesar for pemission to work, they ask Caesar for permission build their houses, they ask Caesar for permission to marry.

Back to  the topic of Christians asking  Caesar for their God given rights, none that I know have the slightest moral issue with groveling before Caesar for permission to carry  a concealed weapon. I do not claim to know the creators mind but it seems to me to be very disrespectful to the creator of the universe  not to acknowledge that this right came from him and  to seek permission from man as if they were the ones and not God that granted us this right.  The Christians that go to Caesar for this God given right also sell out their brethren that can not afford this permission or choose not to seek it for moral reasons. By seeking Caesars permission they  admit that Caesar falsely has jurisdiction in this matter and that is OK to lock their brethern in cages or even kill those that do not go along.  Just another example of Pastor Martin Niemöllers poem where Christians do not get involved because they think they do not have a dog in that particular fight. They are of course following the Traditions of Men.

Would Christians act this same way if Caesar demanded a license to own a bible? Would most get the permission slip and stand by as those that did not get permission  were arrested, tortured, and  killed?   I  believe beyond a shadow of doubt that they would.    They have shown their heart and character when I comes to lesser issues,  such as concealed carry and they would do it with a bible license also. They think: " I paid the fee. I have no dog in this fight."

Christians are also very strange about the way they treat God's temple, their bodies. Very simply put they do not take care of it. They shove all sorts of poisons into it 24/7 without a second thought.  Suicide is a sin of course but death by food seems to be a  Christian virtue.

Christians in short are good at reading scripture and piss poor at living it.

Can I point you to the chapter and verse where it  says it is wrong to do any of these things? No I can not. Unlike many Christians I rely on the brain and the intelligence that God gave me to figure out what is right and wrong. This may shock you but I think that the blind unquestioning following of scripture is the genesis of most of the evil in this country.  When I look at the Christian community in this country I see interpretations  of scripture that span the breadth of my imagination.  Therefore like I just said I use the brain that God gave me to filter out what I have read.  I am not one that if scripture says that the Sun rises in the West that would believe it without further investigation.

Their is a verse in the bible where a vast majority of Christians just accept what they read without using a lick of the intelligence that God gave them to think about or question it, and IMHO  the interpretation of this passage as I alluded to is the root of  the great evil that pervades this country.

The particular part of scripture is Romans 13.  And after a lifetime of talking to other Christians I am certain that  even if Caesar had horns and a tail that most  would follow him into the pits of hell and dine on the bodies of their children.  Look at the Christian nation of Nazi Germany.  Most all of them did exactly as they were told. Look at our own troops when it comes to war. Young men will go to any country in the world and murder people that are not a threat to them in the least when told to do so. While back at home the preachers will take time to "pray for the troops".

I am far from perfect.  In some cases unless I wish to become incarcerated or killed by Caesar  I must follow the Traditions of Men. Not only on the issues that I mentioned, but literally dozens of other issues  that most Christians do not even consider.

That is not the choice that  the Apostle Paul made. The older I get the more certain I am that this waffling by myself and others is the root of most of the problems that we have in the world today.

* If you would like to hear my take on Romans 13, I  suggest listening to the 4 sermons that Reverend and  and Patriot Chuck Baldwin has posted  as "The True Meaning of Romans 13 " part 1-4, right here.


  1. I'm not entirely sure of the correct way to interpret romans 13 and it would be interesting to have that expanded but reading this article I was thinking of the words of Jesus in Mark 12:17

    "Then Jesus said to them, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's." And they were amazed at him."

    And I would daresay that this could be interpreted as everything belongs to God since it comes from God, whereas, since the romans and many other empires attained what they had from murder and theft nothing could truly be said to belong to them
    I would have to say that this thought is one of my favorites about a passage in the bible

  2. Romans is hard to understand. Rev Chuck Baldwin has some good sermons and a new book out on it if you are interested.

    I would like to point out in interpreting that passage that we do not have a Caesar any longer. We in effect are the Caesar under our form of government. And also NOTHING belongs to Caesar all belongs to God.