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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Unholy trinity: Dentists

If you have been following the alternative health movement you will have read that the federal government has after years of denial finally admitted that fluoride is not good for people. Even Wally-world has it seems curtailed the sale of fluoride enhanced baby water guaranteed to lower your child's IQ significantly with continued use.  Watch this short video by Mike Adams the "Health Ranger."

Mercury is being recognized as having a strong connection to ADD --> Aspergers --> Autism
They tell us that their is now no thimiseral in vaccines and dentists are covertly pushing non-mercury fillings.

You would think that this dental monopoly could not have done any more damage than they have by pushing mercury and fluoride on the unsuspecting public but they have.  But they have done much much more damage to the public's health.  And I may add the sheeple deserve it in a way by trusting in government to protect them when if they were students of history they would see the fallacy of this blind trust.  While they  may deserve their comeuppance I certainly did not but yet the sheeple were not satisfied to make these poor choices  for themselves they also with the barrel of a gun (Through their support of licensing laws) forced these choices upon me.

The latest incident of  victimization from my fellow man and the dental monopoly involves the loss of fillings that the dentist refuse to put back in and since I am not one of the priesthood I can not even get an intelligible answer as to the reason why.   What I do know for sure however is that in the very act of drilling that dentists do immense and irreparable damage to your teeth. They do not know that there are ways to re-enamel teeth through diet without drilling. They are so uneducated in fact that they do not even understand the connection between diet and dental health.   I will not go into detail in this article as how to accomplish this. I just wanted to make people aware of the great and very real damage that dentists do to people under the auspices of a monopoly that will kill or imprison those that dare to question them and try to do different.  Look for an expansion on these thoughts in the future.

** The title Unholy Trinity refers to an earlier post.

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