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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lying Cops

I just had a  local cop harass me over providing my name while on my homes front porch and not being under investigation in the commission of a crime in any way shape or form.

I was being nice  and generous when this so called public servant asked me my name and I  told him my first name. When he requested a last name I asked him if there was a Missouri law that required that I give him that information and that if there was would he please provide me with the the statue and then I would be more than happy to comply with the law.

Instead he tried to intimidate me.(Which to me meant he was a liar.)  Asking me if I was wanted. To which I responded to  "are you wanted?". Then he tried the "if you have nothing to hide you should tell me" to which I asked him if  he had nothing to hide would be OK if I went through his wife's underwear drawer illustrating that my stance was based on something probably foreign to him called privacy.
(And what ever happened to the 4th and 5th amendment? Are they null and void in MO?)

He keep threatening that there was such a law in Missouri, even thought he would not, or could not recite it.
I told him,  I hoped  that, he being a public servant and my employee,  would not  lie to me and relented and gave him  my last name. (Which shames me greatly that I caved in...)

Anyhow if I lied to a cop I could be put in jail for a long time.  I strongly believe that this cop (probably a Christian) lied to and manipulated me. And the sad part is that he will not go to jail like I would for a lie.  (Note: Even if there is such a law I find it in  conflict with natural law and thus null and void.)

This officer  later gave away  to someone else that they know who I am (the confrontation  was only about power as it usually is.) and that the  police department in conjunction with the Feds and their drug money suspect that I grow marijuana because the plant lights are on garden plants till 1 am.  I don't know about you, but I think we should pay more taxes to hire more of these public servants so that they can keep an eye on us  tomato growers and write tickets  for more brake lights being out rather that doing what they are supposed to be doing. (Protecting our God given Inalienable rights.)

He also made a veiled threat as he walked off: "I know where to find you." Which was obvious -- and I could not construe as anything other than a threat from an out of control public servant that thought that I was the servant.

I finally got an answer about the law from this cops supervisor.  And the reply indicates to me that not only is this officer a liar and lacking in character, his boss lies and is lacking in character also. Why do we hire these kinds of people for these positions?  It seem to be this way in every town across Amerika. Why do we live with people of such low character lording over us?

Does this person  really believe his own hyperbole?
He contradicts himself in his own reply...
Here is a snippet of the response that I indirectly got:

"Mr. XXXX was a witness to an event of yelling and screaming that was called in to the police by a resident of the same apartment building in which he lives. He was approached, not as a suspect, but rather as a witness to what happened."
He states once that I was not the suspect in a crime.

"Officer Wright noted in his report that he "did not have reasonable suspicion that [Mr. Tittiger] was involved" in the original altercation, so he did not press the matter further."
He states  the second time  that I was not the suspect in a crime.

"As to the accusation that Officer XXXX  "lied" to Mr. XXXX, he did not, in fact, do so. Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 84, Section 84.710 states, "[Police officers] shall also have the power to stop any person abroad whenever there is reasonable ground to suspect that he is committing, has committed or is about to commit a crime and demand of him his name, address, business abroad, and whither he is going."

Then he quotes a law that requires me to be suspected of a crime to substantiate his officers actions!

The fact still remains that this officer threatened to arrest me using a law that he could not quote and which after all did not apply to this situation. Shouldn't police know the law? And if they do not, should they go around badgering citizens with the intent of violating their rights by making up laws as they go?

This incident has made me look into starting local online  newspapers in conjunction with other people:

I have also discovered this great project that aims to hold police accountable for their behavior.

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