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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Starbucks Gay marriage flap


Before getting upset about what is a somewhat nonsensical and ambiguous statement from Starbucks, perhaps we ought to analyze our own views on marriage. For thousands of year marriage was principally a contract between a man a woman and God. Then about 100 years ago the State decided that it was going to take the place of God, and be the one that "blessed" a marriage all for the worthy purpose of keeping blacks and whites from intermarrying. Christians of course went along in mass, and someone like me that questions going to Caesar for a permission to marry is looked upon as someone with a screw lose. Let me remind you that going to Caesar is admitting that marriage is no longer a God given right, but permission granted to you by the State. If you don't see this, it is you that has the screw lose.

While the actions of Starbucks are certainly irritating, what happened to turning the other cheek? What has happened to discernment? There are literally dozens of other MORAL issues that are much more important such as government involvement in education, the Federal Reserve,

(yes the Federal Reserve is a moral issue and shame on you if you don't understand - perhaps you don't because of the government school you attended)

and the fact that you probably accept the State as the entity that marries people rather than God. ** In other words your view of marriage is as screwed up as that of Starbucks!

Perhaps Starbucks needs a talking to, but at the expense of ignoring dozens of more important issues? No wonder Christianity and the world are in such a mess.

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  1. Another way to look at it is that you are just the victim of a government psy-op. Another useful idiot as they like to say.

    To divide and conquer, to get us fighting among ourselves, and to limit the debate. Anything other than recognizing that government is the problem that needs to be addressed. Isn't it government after all the one that has usurped God's authority?

    Starbucks says they don't want you business. What is morally wrong with that? Yet you focus on Starbucks and not the blasphemer.