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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Your rights ARE ABSOLUTE!

News for you!  Your rights ARE ABSOLUTE! Never mind the propaganda....

But that does not mean that you have a right to harm others, for that is not part of any definition of a right I have ever seen or subscribed  to. (Hence if you are harming someone it is not a right by definition.)

Saying that rights are not absolute is a semantical  game played by government to get the camels nose under the tent and to begin destroying those rights.

So why do people  constantly say  really STUPID things like:

"Free speech does not give you the right to play your music loudly at 2 am."
Or "Owning a gun does not give you the right to shoot someone in the head."

Don't you see that these are 2 different actions?  Yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is not free speech. It is harming other people. Shooting a person in cold blood is not gun ownership or self defense or a right, it's harming another with a special name: "murder".

It amazes me that I have to continually address these stupid absurd comments.  The government schools have done a wonderful job of dumbing people down.....

Your rights ARE absolute and don't you ever forget it. That is unless you want to  lose them.

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