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Friday, December 24, 2010

Laws do not give us back our rights!

When it comes to rectifying lost rights,

For one it means that we have to wait sometimes years for justice.
And then we depend on the idiots that created the problem in the first place so solve it.
Does that  make any sense?
This approach also infers that government through legislation gives us rights. We are born with all rights! A law can only impinge upon rights so let's reject the idiotic idea of laws to give us back what we already posses.
If you buy into the idea that government can give you back a right, then you also buy into the idea that they can take rights away.  Are we really that stupid and gullible? Obviously so.

A major flaw in the US Constitution is that it depends on Government branches to regulate the misdeeds of other branches. This is a flawed view of how things really work.  I think the real answer is to institute control of government by the people into the Constitution.
I would like to see the institution of  citizen grand juries created,  that are able to indite ANYONE what violates an Americans Inalienable rights. The right of Jury nullification should also be ensured at the Constitutional level along with making it a crime to selectively pick a jury. (They call it  Voir Dire - I call it jury tampering.)

We also need to get rid of  many so called civil matters. For instance: In family matters unelected bureaucrats can come and take your child with no due process or trial.  We need to insure in stronger language that everyone is entitled to a jury trial in EVERY matter.

In my world view CPS workers that take children with no due process should be indicted by civilian grand juries on treason charges with the possibility upon conviction of execution. In my world view most government officials if they did not change their present behaviour would face a similar fate.

In the near term nullification by your county sheriff and state legislature may be a good way to mitigate the tyranny coming out of the District of Criminals. Make your voices heard. But please do anything other than clamouring for your owners to give you back a right. It's not very dignified to say the least.

In Liberty
Thom Jefferson


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