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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Response to a Child Protective Services lover....

Bills comment:  I see this a little differently I guess.  I see a worker doing her job. She asked and received all the right questions and the case was disposed of.  Like the man says it was a friend of his that made the complaint there must have been something in the fathers behaviour that made the complainant think he was some type of nut.  The law states that once a complaint is made (any complaint)it must be investigated.  In recent past if child protective services had done their job as well as this lady did a child would have been spared years of sexual abuse by kidnappers.

Inalienable rights responded:

Well I see this differently also Bill.
It's apparent to me at least, that the controlled media and government schools have made sure that most people just accept what they are told.    i.e. CPS is good - end of story

Just doing your job is the excuse the guards used at Auschwitz to justify what they had done. It is no excuse when what you are doing is wrong. Everything that Hiltler, Stalin, and Mao did was legal and "the law" in their countries.

We have something in this country called the  4th amendment that protects against unreasonable searches.
Is the hear say word of a neighbour saying someone has a bug out bag probable cause that a crime has been committed? No way in hell!  I have family that fought and died for that 4th amendment and trampling it in the dirt like this is very disturbing!  A thing about rights... you use them or  lose them.

The Constitution also guarantees us trial by jury. But guess what? When the government wants to mess with your most precious possession - your children, unelected bureaucrats without any due process act like our gods and just take them with no Constitutional due process at all. In the "land of the free" you can get a jury trial for a speeding ticket but not if the state decides to kidnap your children!

I will keep the rest short but I suggest that you do your due diligence on the following:

A book "the Franklin cover-up"

Links organised child abuse right to the steps of our capital and was written by former US senator.

A movie about this was made and scheduled to air on the Discovery channel and right before it was to air pressure from Washington caused them to cancel it and destroy most copies of the show.

Here is a YouTube of a retired FBI agent testifying to this fact:

A US defence contractor in eastern Europe, DynCorp   - had it's employees caught owning young girls as sex slaves.  Guess what DynCorp is up to these days?

They are private contractors that run CPS in many states.

One last observation. I have know 4 women that were taken into state CPS custody in their youth. Every single one of them was raped while in state custody!
Another inexcusable thing that they do is to put an inordinate number of children in their custody on psychotropic drugs. If all of this is not frightening enough these organisation just "lose" hundreds of children on a regular basis and there is no accountability. In one infamous incident Florida DCF lost 3,000 children one year. Can you imagine this happening to you?  Just losing your child with no questions asked?

I urge all reading this to quit drinking the cool aide and to start thinking for yourself.

Inalienable Rights

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