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Friday, December 24, 2010

Vermont nulifies s510 the "food safety bill"

The state of Vermont has drafted legislation that nullifies the "Patriot act of food" -  the  United Nations Codex Alimentarius, a preview of what the New World order has in store for us.

I ask ....What the heck is wrong with the incompetent bums in  Jefferson city?  Do they think that God given agricultural freedoms are unimportant in a state that has more farms than any other state in the union? Do these guys live on another planet or what? Are they just going to sit on their overpaid posteriors and let this United Nations dictated abomination enslave the people of Missouri?

Also what is wrong with the press in this state?  Their job historically has not been to lie in bed with politicians but rather to hold their feet to the fire.  As far as I can see the newspapers here are only useful for what the Soviet citizens delegated issues of Pravda for. It is ironic that today that  Pravda does a much better job of reporting than the Missouri media. Have you read it lately?
It's quite good if you want to find out what is happening in Amerika.

Why don't we have a plethora of online newspapers filling this gap and dereliction of duty of the Missouri press? Has everyone but myself taken the blue pill?

What stance has your local sheriff and his merry band of men taken on this abomination called s510?
Does he even have the intelligence and gonads to realise that the FDA can not operate in his county without his permission? He is after all the highest law enforcement officer in the country and can arrest any federal agent violating citizens rights in his county. If your sheriff is not even educated as to the powers and responsibilities of the office I suggest you elect another one that does.  Is there a way to recall  treasonous sheriffs?

Get on the ball sheeple of Amerika. Politics is not and never ever will be a spectators sport.
And if you think voting or pleading with politicians will ever change anything I have an ocean front property in Niagua for sale. Politicains are your empolyees and your servants and it's about time that you let them all know in uncertain terms that you understand this relationship and if they do not that they had better find other employment.

Lastly educate yourself check out Sherrif Macks site and the 10th amendment center:

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