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Monday, January 17, 2011

Does this describe your Sheriff? If so be scared.... VERY scared.

These convictions were reinforced by a news article that I read  tonight at McDonald's. It was about so called drug raids by the country Sheriffs department. (Do not misconstrue my words as being supportive of drug abuse. But drugs are a medical issue and not a  legal one. Actions, not things, should be outlawed.)

Anyhow coming from a guy that purports to support the Constitution these are very strange actions. A guy that does things like this would be open to doing the same thing to people that put other things in their body that Caesar tells him to arrest. Perhaps he would be open to doing the same thing to people who put raw milk in their bodies? His actions indicate to me that he is either  not very bright or that to him the end justifies the means and who know where else he may compromise what little integrity that he has. I am of the opinion that he has none. 

There are just no excuses for imprisoning, killing, destroying lives, and families of someone that has not done a single thing to  harm another human being no matter how detestable you might find their actions.  He is in a way implementing a theocracy and  enforcing his view of morality even though he is himself a sinner and should likewise be imprisoned for his trespasses if he is to
be intellectually consistent.

Do you believe in the butterfly effect? The law of unintended consequences?  I do,  very much so.

And I am sure that this sheriffs actions have influenced  wives whose husbands were ripped away by him to either  abort their child, or to have children that  grow up in abject poverty and abuse because of his actions.  Even if his actions were not to cause the preceding, I consider his destroying lives, families, and marriages right up there on the scale of evil with abortion.   I have not even gotten into the invasion  and loss of rights that this war, that he is  waging against fellow  Christians, inflicts upon every single person in this country.  Not to mention the money they steal at gun point to help them wage it from every single person in this county.

As you can tell I am passionate about this.  I do not see  "his side" or have any excuse for people that act in this manner. It is in my book as bad as if this guy ran an abortion mill. He has no  integrity and does not respect the God given rights of  his fellow man.

This is not a temporary slip in judgment on his part - this is an integral part of his world view and character. This goes way beyond acceptable human fallibility in my book. In a  perfect world he would be tried for his very clear and blatant treasonous actions and suffer the possible consequences.

I would urge caution in dealing with this kind of evil person. Maybe he is the lesser of  two evils but he is still evil.  Unfortunately good  men  with integrity are almost an extinct breed.   However much he talks the talk he does not walk the walk.

He is responsible for destroying thousand upon thousands of lives.

Good Cops and other urban legends.

I am off my soap box for the evening. Thanks for listening.

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